Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка» The artist shared his creative plans and talked about our favorite women. Anton Zatsepin is preparing to release a video for the song “Run away”. In an interview with “StarHit” the singer explained what happened after the “Factory of stars” and revealed some secrets of his personal life.

      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»

      A former member of the fourth “American idol” Anton Zatsepin he writes songs and is preparing to surprise fans with a new video. Last composition of the artist “Ran away” talks about lost love and the search for a new one. It seems that the lyrical hero of the track is somewhat similar to singer. Heart of Anton is still free, but he believes that in the future will be able to build a happy family and grow old surrounded by grandchildren. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Zatsepin said about the relationship with his ex-wife, the talents of a young daughter, Alexandra, Martha, and explained the kind of woman he needs.

      Anton, you recently released the song, and at the end of November have already filmed the video for this song. As the shooting took place?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»Filmed in 10 locations, in Moscow. Among them was a night club, shop of fur coats and even a gas station. Two days passed in a mad rhythm. As once the frosts hit -9 -11 and we were all quite dressed, so provigil on the street. The shooting happened on a large scale. I wanted to make a film on music. We actress, who appears in the video, both graduated from GITIS, so for us, this movie still original promo, and serious piece of work. We bring video to perfection. Most likely, it will come out after the New year. The track is dedicated to a lost love, but he is not sad. And the song talks about finding the ideal. —
      Do you have some ideal woman?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»Well…there is. I’m looking for adequate and nice person to her body said “Yes.” In particular, it is necessary understanding. Why marriages fail? Because people are illiterate. I was at that age when you don’t go for a color wrapper. The girl must be also a friend, and not just the object of desire. —
      That is your heart free?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»My heart is open and I seek only forward.

      Many people often wonder: “Where did Anton Zatsepin after “American idol”? What did you do after the project?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»First toured with boys, then solo. —
      Are you currently working on a new album?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»Yes, gradually. But there are songs that I can correct, rewrite. I want it to be conceptual. My song of the last CD was recorded in different styles, now I want to do otherwise. —
      What gave you the acting education? I played in some movies and TV shows? After GITIS easier began to appear in videos and stand on the stage?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»I had free time, I thought, “Why not?” I went there with the arrogant idea that I wish actor, so, the “crust” to. It turned out that not so. It was very interesting to learn. Now I would like to be in a movie.

      Already received offers?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»I go to trial, are acting bases. But so far without success. It is natural. Colleagues also say that you can be handsome, but to see the auditions 5-10 years until you find your Director.—
      Who would like to work with?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»Of course, with Fedor Bondarchuk. He’s a great Director and amazing actor, than as a drama and a Comedy, judging from the last film with his participation. Well, it is impossible to forget his role in “Down house”. Bondarchuk shoots very nice, available, and also selects good actors. These people need to learn. —
      After the TV project “Factory of stars” did you work then with Igor Krutoy?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»I signed the contract with “ARS-Rekordz” for 7 years. They got me safely released two years earlier, as the work got up at some point. My producer then was Igor Nikolaev. But I’m too much of a thought and wanted to release their music. When you wrote this composer, it would be necessary to postpone the decision, but the desire to make their material was stronger. We are at an impasse in the relationship. —
      Do you communicate with other graduates of “factory of stars”?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»We have not turned a friendly team, the reunion was never planned. All very unique and self-sufficient. Was friends with Stas Piekha, and then dispersed. When I was at the concert in Riga, he said he was ill, then left, and it soon became known that Stas has signed a contract with Victor Drobysh. Igor Yakovlevich was unhappy with this: it was a treacherous move by Peha. But his career was good.
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»
      What was the most difficult on “Factory of stars”?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»Had to stay constantly focused, could not 100% relax. It was difficult to get used to that around 17 strangers who look askance at you, and you can’t go anywhere. As freedom-loving person, it wasn’t easy for three months to spend in the aquarium, sometimes there’s not even enough air. Unlikely I agree now would be the time to go into such a project. —
      A modern musical project “the Voice”, “a hair’s-Breadth” see? Would like to become a member or even a member of the jury of one of the contests?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»Yes, I do, most of all, however, was impressed with the first season of “the Voice”, I looked completely. Very talented participants were performers of the highest level. The latter is also super. The others watched less, but what I saw is also pleased. Among the judges yet do not see themselves . There are those who do very musically knowledgeable. I can’t call myself a guru in this regard. I love to sing, this is mine, but I have no such strong musical knowledge. While I early.—
      After “idol,” you became interested in Khvorostinin and married her. Why your marriage was so short lived?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»Luba had to reject me when I proposed to her. It was all for nothing, I guess. But honestly, after “American idol,” I went on tour, and there was, Oh how fun. After a while I realized that something was not done. When the senses are extinguished, comes the negative. Was forced to resign. We are officially divorced. Don’t even know how she lives. —
      What kind of woman are you then to conquer?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»Perhaps it was Kate, the mother of my daughter. I entered the second marriage. We met for a long time, and then I decided not to wait and made an offer. Family to me is important.
      Your life has changed dramatically with the advent of Alexandra Marta? Even in your videos have to play the kids…
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»When you’re an artist, you have to burn. And then I had a period that I decided I do a little work on the family, and then again returning to the world of show business. But it turned out otherwise. In the clip, “You know” was filmed my daughter. This video gives the answers to the questions: where were you and what did Anton Zatsepin. Tried to build a family, did not. Left to themselves, wrote songs, went on tour, I thought about life. Clip sorcerer. There very sparingly shown, the role of Catherine, mother of Alexandra: only the feet and a piece of women’s dresses. Katya as if in my life anymore. It exists only as a man who only opens the door, I saw with my daughter.

      After two official marriages do you have any idea what will once again be able to marry?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»Of course I was hurt, “lap” of it all. I come now cautiously to relationships, but I believe that I shall have a marriage and children. I want a house. See yourself old, fat and happy, with her grandchildren, dogs, fragile old woman who happens to be my wife.—
      How often do you see daughter?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»Different. She is now a schoolgirl and goes to music school on choral singing and studying the piano. She likes music, Sasha thinks well of this plan and is a great mark. This does not mean that I see her an actress. A girl should be able to dance, sing, play the piano, to cook and to be beautiful. If it is to manifest talent, I contribute. But the music is well developed brains. —
      What are you a father?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»Adequate. Where it is necessary to rein in daughter Osiek. We have a normal conversation. We are absolute fans of each other, so that you can negotiate. But when a long time not see you, I spoil her. Daughter loves to drive with me to concerts. She even acted on stage. Sasha fancies himself an artist. She likes to explain to everyone that the Pope is a celebrity. —
      That is your communication with mother Alexandra-Martha minimum? Grievances are any each other left?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»What are the grievances? Well, maybe just for the fact that you robbed me of my ability to give her Daughter a complete family, wanted to embody those ideals. I think keeping grudges, they act destructively in the first place you. I lean over the world. With Catherine communicate solely for the sake of his daughter. I don’t think that we should maintain friendly relations with the former. It is troublesome and pointless. If not for Sasha, we would never see more. We find a common language. I include this Buddha in communication with Katya.—
      You’ll never forgive your close person?
      Экс-«фабрикант» Антон Зацепин: «Жена соскочила и забрала ребенка»In my youth I had one moment when I was ready to forgive infidelity, because I was blinded by love. This happened before the “star Factory”. I was casting, was supposed to go to the next stage in Moscow. I then worked on the facilities engaged in finishing of apartments. So I’m from another place coming to town and my girls nowhere to be found. I’m looking for it, and then see where she is and what he did. I say then: “You’re still little, but come to me for a meeting tomorrow.” She was supposed to say go on “Factory of stars”. But she didn’t come. I am with a broken heart went to Moscow, was casting, and then from the screen waved. In General, I then amuse your self-esteem. —
      You polygamous or a monogamous man?
      Depends on the situation. In a relationship I am a loyal man, but when the collapse, I don’t restrain myself. I grew up, so there are other women. Now we communicate mostly women their age or older. I want a woman “Srila the root”.