48-летняя Светлана Сурганова удивила снимком в купальнике A woman rarely shares with followers with photos from his personal life. Most often, the artist places in the microblog footage from concerts or charity events. However, this time the 48-year-old celebrity has surprised a photo in swimsuit during a vacation in the Maldives.

      Most of the people celebrity used that Svetlana Surganova shares with them the most impressive moments with musical numbers, talks about the creative success and presents their new work. Members mostly know former soloist of “Night snipers” as a person fully immersed in the work. But Christmas fever has not spared and Svetlana. She decided not to stay in cold Moscow and gave myself a well-deserved vacation on the Islands in the Indian ocean.

      Svetlana Surganov: “I can’t turn off the phone – can call mother”

      Star put a picture that sits on the chaise longue, his back turned. She appeared before the fans in a bright orange swimsuit with a book in hand. Judging by the skin tone of the celebrities she already a few days in the Maldives. Posting the Network, it is addressed to subscribers with the issue. “In Moscow minus 25, I think?” – wrote the artist in Instagram. Commentators reacted to these words, and began to talk about the weather. But the fans expressed the opinion that even from the back shows that the woman is in great shape.

      “You warm up to minus 20 degrees”, “we Have minus 50, and we have nothing it seems,” “And we have minus two degrees can make snowmen and play”, “would Always be winter like on your photo,” wrote the subscribers in Instagram stars.

      Apparently, the woman is very happy to have decided to spend January vacation so. Subscribers left under the post of the singer’s comments, which do not hide their own jealousy. Many have complained that can not for one reason or another to travel abroad. Some followers praised her for the swimsuit, noting that she looks great. “Well sit! What are you reading?”, “What you sunburnt! We have in the morning it was minus 47”, “Take plenty of pictures yourself! I like you,” wrote the enthusiastic fans of the actress.