The daughter of Nikolay Fomenko no longer hides the affair with the Norwegian

Дочь Николая Фоменко больше не скрывает роман с норвежцем Heiress Maria Golubkina and Nikolay Fomenko has openly stated about the relationship with the chosen one. The heiress of a famous father actively expresses his feelings in front of subscribers. She posts pictures with a choice, and accompanied by their touching comments.

      Дочь Николая Фоменко больше не скрывает роман с норвежцем

      Anastasia Fomenko’s Dating 17-year-old boy, in the pedigree of which there are Norwegian, and Turkish roots. A young man with a bright appearance, apparently, was fascinated by the girl. They don’t want to leave each other, openly expressing mutual sympathy in social networks. Boyfriend Fomenko Simon Snellingen leaves the page sweetheart touching comments and he periodically publishes romantic photos.

      Currently, it is unknown how long the couple together. Young people started to upload the first pictures of little less than a year ago. At the same time and started talking about the guys consist not in friendly terms. In the meantime, Anastasia is convinced that they have more than serious.

      Дочь Николая Фоменко больше не скрывает роман с норвежцем

      Recall that the last two years, the girl is studying in London. She has long been accustomed to the idea of independent living, it is not surprising that the heiress of the musician in addition to the main activities finds time for a relationship. Apparently, Nastya met her future lover Simon school Millfield, where they were both listed in the list of students. It is difficult to say whether the couple studied in the same class or they had different specialized areas.

      Anyway, you guys look happy and openly show that to your subscribers. Those, in turn, try to support them and leave positive comments. Where will Nastya relationship with 17-year-old Norwegian with Turkish roots, time will tell. And while the lovers enjoy a society each other. Probably the girl’s father is not against her novel. Daughter Golubkina and Fomenko told how he experienced his parents ‘ divorce