Бывшая фанатка или последняя любовь: почему Олег ушел из «Иванушек» The artist died in a Minsk hospital on Thursday morning. Oleg Yakovlev was actively engaged in the development of his solo career. In all endeavors, the singer was supported by his fiancee Alexandra Kutsevol.
Бывшая фанатка или последняя любовь: почему Олег ушел из «Иванушек»

On Thursday morning died former soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev. According to the doctors, the man died due to pulmonary edema. A few days ago he was taken to the hospital with bilateral pneumonia. Professionals to the last struggled for his life. Died former soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev

Friends of the artist can’t accept the loss. Many colleagues Yakovlev recalled that he was full of new ideas and was going to surprise fans with a new video.

In 2013, Yakovlev successfully began a solo career. The actor has officially left the group “Ivanushki International” and released a video for the song “Dance my eyes closed.” As claimed by Oleg, he was confident and was not afraid that the audience will not appreciate his work. The music and lyrics of the singer were different from those who wrote the boys in boysband.

Oleg Yakovlev to “Simons” and career advancement within the group

“I’m for the first time in his life felt such a magnitude. I stopped to divide life into three parts. It’s so cool and interesting! My eyes are burning,” said Yakovlev, barely leaving group.

At the same time, Oleg met his sweetheart Alexander Kutsevol. It was rumored that the girl was a fan of Yakovlev over a long period of time. However, in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” he refuted such rumours.

Бывшая фанатка или последняя любовь: почему Олег ушел из «Иванушек»“We met in St. Petersburg, where Sasha attended the University at the faculty of journalism. Then fate brought us together in Moscow. We are very good together. And if you have me now ask how many months we been together, I won’t tell you. Happy hours are not watching. I love Sasha’s parents and wish them good health. For the wedding, as soon as you decide, so know immediately. Yes, and do not always ring on my finger and a stamp in your passport is so important. I am very grateful to Sasha that we go with her through life together”, – said the artist.

Alexander worked as a Manager of the artist and helped to promote new tracks, to arrange the filming and concerts. According to Yakovlev, it is always a very responsible approach to their duties. The man has repeatedly said that his life changed drastically after the appearance of the girls.

“Sasha is a very meticulous, detailed person. A perfectionist. Sasha does great work. It is close to me man, the first person I consult. Sasha plays a huge role in my life. The only thing I can complain is disgusting cooks. She did not know how. She even makes tea taste good, even boiling water does not work. Just horror. Milk buy, she saw him, it immediately soured. Pots, pans – everything rusts immediately. Mom says, not taught,” – talked about Kutsevol singer.

In the microblog Oleg even shared photos of dishes that managed to make a sachet. So, once the girl has pleased the singer a hearty barbecue. The man showed to subscribers culinary delights lady. “Sasha barbequing, to the last did not believe she could be so tasty! And after all, she was standing at the grill!” – said Yakovlev.

Alexander was not eager to marry. In one joint interview with Oleg she said that her satisfied with life without a stamp in the passport.

“We never had such plans, we are absolutely modern people, without templates, I’m the kind of person in life, and Oleg, we matched on this wave. I don’t think people should get married or to have children, no one owes nothing, ” said Sasha.

As claimed by Oleg, after leaving the “Simons” he was allowed to perform such hits as “bullfinches”, “Doll” and “poplar fluff”. It was added to the solo songs of the artist “Call me after three champagne”, “Sea blue”, “rapid”, “new”, “Mania” and “Jeans”. The last song was released in early June 2017.