Криштиану Роналду официально подтвердил, что стал отцом близнецов
The family of the player replenished with two boys born to a surrogate mother.

Cristiano Ronaldo


Yesterday Cristiano Ronaldo announced on his page in the social network,
recently they hired a woman bore him two children. About two weeks
ago Portugalsko edition of Correio da Mahna wrote that Ronaldo again
became a father. But then it was informal and turned out to be inaccurate
information. According to Correio da Mahna, family Cristiano had a daughter and son, and was
even listed them. However, as it turned out, Ronaldo became a father of two

Incidentally, the addition to the family of Ronaldo, who save the twins
has a seven years old son Cristiano Jr., costly team
the team of Portugal. The fact that the player that is the captain of the team,
decided to stop playing to spend time with
kids. However, according to officials of the football Confederation,
Cristiano warned about this possibility in advance. He wanted to bring in
sacrifice their personal interests to help his team win the Cup. But
after Portugal lost in the semifinals, he decided that coming
match for third place isn’t worth it. “I just want to finally be with my sons. This possibility
I haven’t had one and I look forward to it eagerly!” — said Ronaldo.

By the way, Portugal did not cease gossip about that this year
the family of Cristiano may receive another child. As you say, friend
player — Georgina Rodriguez, is also pregnant! Anyway, on the last
a photo of the belly of the girl who tried to make a career in the modeling industry,
looks suspiciously rounded.