Бывший директор Даны Борисовой поведала о самочувствии звезды
Some time ago in the program “Let them talk” discussed a popular TV presenter Dana Borisova.

Бывший директор Даны Борисовой поведала о самочувствии звезды

Her mother told that, Given that intermittently uses drugs.

This news has caused a lot of noise and discussions in the Internet.

Ex-Director of celebrity Lera Tuwina shared with correspondents state Borisova.

According to her, now TV presenter is on rehabilitation.

“Dana’s treatment. People really got in trouble. Say, will she be able to overcome the difficulties, no one can. All the will of God. First and foremost, Dana needs to understand that she needs to fight itself. She’s ready for it. Dana recognizes that she is in trouble. She is now providing to help. At the moment one is saved. Here two or three days ago, could happen a tragedy. And we would now be talking very differently about it. For example, how people jumped from the 13th floor” — said Tuvin.

I hope that Lou Ferrigno will be able to overcome difficulties.

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