Linda doesn’t like to overwork

Линда не любит перетруждаться
Svetlana Gaiman, which everyone knows by the alias, Linda, April 29 marks the day of birth.

Линда не любит перетруждаться

She turns 40.

About the famous star of the 90s are now almost unheard of.

And in the personal life of the singer lull. In 2014, the star divorced her husband Stefanos Korkolis, they lived together for only 2 years. After that her relationship with anyone else was not.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided to explore Linda’s life code.

“Life code Linda – 391 2358 says that it belongs to the people who are destined to leave behind a trail of… Her birth was not the medium, its motto – “All or nothing”. She was born in “Day powerful image”, hence its unique image – Linda no one will confuse. She has no sixes means that the star is lazy and tend to rely on luck and not work itself. That is why it was once very popular and then faded when the fart is over, it’s time to work, and that Linda doesn’t like. She’s notorious personality, although from the outside looks very confident and charismatic girl.

I also would like to acknowledge her tremendous analytical skills – she is a very intelligent man and she doesn’t every want to chat. Because of this, many consider it rude, if she was interested, star can interrupt a man in mid-sentence, or simply get up and walk away, leaving others to wonder. Same thing with leisure: it is difficult to sell the film because, thanks to their intelligence, it is able to calculate how the pattern will continue to put the story”.

Yes, many stars who were popular after some time go into the shadows.

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