Former daughter Tatyana Vasilyeva broke the silence

Бывшая невестка Татьяны Васильевой нарушила молчание
Anastasia Begunova told about why went into hiding.

Бывшая невестка Татьяны Васильевой нарушила молчание

Tatiana Vasilieva son Philip, a daughter Elizabeth and daughter-in-law by Anastasia Begunova

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Anastasia Begunova, former daughter of the legendary actress Tatyana Vasilyeva spoke about the fate of the “stolen millions”. In September 2015, in the family of the actress scandal. Son Vasilyeva Philip announced to the whole country that Anastasia stole from the family account. Legman, in the words of the heir of the actress, taken with her sons Ivan and Gregory withdrew 350 thousand dollars and fled to Germany. He claimed that his wife had a paramour and had spent all the savings of the artist.

Recently Anastasia broke the silence and told his version of what happened. She admitted she had indeed used part of Tatiana, but she did it in order to escape, along with two children of Philip. The legman says that he paid 50 thousand dollars in order to be able to escape from Russia. The husband had allegedly tortured her by his jealousy, constantly suspected her of infidelity and threatened with death. After she went to Germany, she, according to her, began to receive threatening phone calls.

Anastasia Begunova with sons Ivan and Gregory

Photo: @laufanastasi Instagram Anastasia Begunova

“Yes, I understand that it is to some extent stealing. I took this money to be here with the kids in the shelter. The attacks were terrible – from Tatiana Vasilyeva and Philip. The lawyers called and threatened to take the kids…” — said Anastasia in the show “Let them talk”. Legman said that he remembers with horror the first months of life in Germany. She lived in fear. Vasilyeva daughter-in-law suggested that her husband might catch her and kidnap children.

In 2016 year, she and Philip divorced. Immediately after a divorce both of us again went to the altar. The legman remained in Germany and married a second time. And this fall wedding was played by Philip. He married Maria Bononcini, which has given him a daughter. His sons he sees. According to him, the ex-wife makes it impossible to meet them. The legman told the media that does not preclude the communication of children with either father or grandmother. Tatiana with her son, she said, never showed during this time the initiative to see the kids.