Foreign media are discussing the reunion of johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Зарубежные СМИ обсуждают воссоединение Джонни Деппа и Ванессы Паради Former civil spouses caught in one of the restaurants. According to witnesses, johnny Depp looked at the ex-beloved with loving eyes, and Vanessa Paradis gladly flirted and accepted his advances.

      A novel of Hollywood actor johnny Depp and French actress Vanessa Paradis began in 1998, but the lovers chose not to seal their Union official. The couple had a son and a daughter, but after 14 years the representative of the stars of the film “pirates of the Caribbean” reported that Depp and Paradis are no longer together. Now, however, foreign media are discussing that perhaps between civilian spouses flared passion.

      Recently ex-lovers caught in one of the restaurants of Los Angeles. As reported by insiders, the meeting resembled a meeting of friends. As was said by witnesses, Depp looked at his former civil wife with loving eyes, and as soon as there was chance took her hand. Paradis, in turn, did not conceal that her the pleasure of his advances and in response to a cute Flirty.

      The daughter of former lovers Lily-rose said that her father does not deprive their attention was regularly called and was interested in the life of the heirs. After the divorce, the girl, he even more often began to seek contact with them, and to call for a visit.

      Not so long ago johnny Depp went through a difficult divorce with his wife amber heard. The woman received as compensation seven million dollars that she had intended complacently to give to charity. After this scandal Hollywood actor was trying to expose in connection with Angelina Jolie. After her divorce with brad pitt she began to see in the company of Depp. Celebrity friends on the set of the acclaimed film “Tourist”, and then shared the experience about the painful breakup with the second halves closer together them.

      “Angelina adored johnny for many years, before working in “the Tourist”, and then they became friends on the set – according to the source foreign publications. – There were rumors that he seduced her, and then she admitted to the magazine that fidelity was not a necessity.”