Boyfriend and the friends of Tolstoy prapravnuchka consider it a “good gull”

Бойфренд и друзья прапраправнучки Толстого считают ее «доброй клушей» Yesterday the successor of the classics of world literature made his debut in the hall of columns. At this event, Alexander had supported her boyfriend Philip. In their blogs, young people keep on writing interesting facts about each other.

      Бойфренд и друзья прапраправнучки Толстого считают ее «доброй клушей»

      2 November in Moscow was held one of the most important social events of this autumn – the Ball debutantes Tatler. On this day, on the floor of the hall of the House of Unions came the twelve heirs of the famous families. Among them was 16-year-old maternal great-granddaughter of the famous writer Leo Tolstoy Alexander. The girl appeared at the event in a luxurious white dress with a fluffy skirt, which can be unfasten for the duration of the dances with the artists of the Bolshoi theatre. The designer of the dress the young Princess became a favorite of the capital’s it-girls Alexander Terekhov.

      Dean Nemtsov, Stesha Malikova and others made a splash at debutante Ball

      About Alexander Fat know that she meets a young man named Philip, a disciple of the Lyceum higher school of Economics. The boyfriend of prapravnuchka writer accompanied her on the debutante Ball. In their blogs on the young people periodically share with subscribers of the events of his life and various facts. So, in one of his posts Philip told that he is an attention whore Sasha two months. The young man also revealed the character of his beloved and tell her you love her.

      “Broody. Oak oak, but sometimes you might have something intelligent to say. She has two extremes… supersonica’s super sweet and Loves to argue with me, even though she knows that I’m almost always right. Thinks she’s smarter than me. I love her,” wrote the boyfriend of Alexandra Tolstoy in social networks.
      Бойфренд и друзья прапраправнучки Толстого считают ее «доброй клушей»

      By the way, a friend of the boyfriend of prapravnuchka Leo Tolstoy also wrote in his blog some interesting facts about Alexander. For example, he told me that her favorite color is pink and she loves to drink Starbucks coffee. In addition, Nikita told about the nature of Fat. “Good. Often showing off that she’s a Princess. Always willing to help. Majorca” – shared teen on

      Recall that the parents of Alexandra – broadcaster Peter and journalist Daria Thick. She is planning to follow in their footsteps and is going to enter Moscow state University. University. High school student enjoys tennis and horseback riding, she travels a lot, but my favorite city Tolstoy – Moscow. Every two years, Alexander goes to meet the heirs of the classics of world literature, which is traditionally held in Yasnaya Polyana. According to Tolstoy, it is interesting to observe how changing her relatives from around the world.