For the TV series “Fizruk” will remove the complete meter

По сериалу «Физрук» снимут полный метр
The final film about Thomas to be shown in cinemas.

Dmitriy Nagiev

Photo: Press service

Hero Dmitry Nagiyev from the TV series “Fizruk” Thomas becomes a character feature film. The decision to complete the story about shocking teachers with full meter was taken by the channel TNT after a very substantial TV ratings for the fourth season of the series.

indicator of the final season of “Teacher” accounted for 25.4% of viewers, so
every fourth inhabitant of Russia met with the new story of Thomas.
The average share of the fourth season and 18.2%.

The production of the film will do the company Good Story Media. Recall the action of the final season of the popular series moved from school to the theatre. In the story, Thomas arrives in a provincial drama theater, where the artistic works of his father, which he had never seen. Local authorities want to close the theatre, but Thomas stands up for the father remains in the city to solve the problem. The role of the father Thomas sang the national actor Recievier Sukhorukov.