Kim Kardashian revealed the sex of their third child

Ким Кардашьян раскрыла пол своего третьего ребенка
The reality show star told about the problems of surrogacy.

Ким Кардашьян раскрыла пол своего третьего ребенка

Kim Kardashian with children


Recently, on a TV show at Ellen DeGeneres Kim Kardashian spoke about their experiences
about the upcoming birth of her child, who now bears
for her surrogate mother.

For starters, she couldn’t figure out how to explain to my 4-year-old
daughter North, and especially her two year old brother to the Saint, that soon their family
it is expected the addition. When she was carrying Senta, was simple: she
told the daughter that the baby grows in the mother’s womb. What about now —
to say that the child is now somewhere inside the “foreign aunt”? “I decided to tell the children that he left
our doorstep by the stork… Because, in the end, when we were young, believed in
these tales that are told to us by our mothers…” — said Kim.

Among other things, absorbed in a conversation with the presenter, Kardashian accidentally
given the news that he was going to tell later. “The North wants to call her Star (that
there is a star in English). I don’t like something… Oh, I
didn’t want talk about it yet… ” —
woke up Kardashian. But it was too late — everyone now knows that she will have
a second daughter.

Kim said that she had encountered difficulties,
which she first never knew existed. “Everybody thinks that the surrogate
motherhood does not cause biological mother any trouble. Nothing
similar! You would know how painful it is when you can not control the situation
regarding your own child… It would be much easier if I could
to carry it myself, as my two older children! Alas, it was impossible…” confessed Kardashian. It can be understood — after all, the woman she chose to
the role of surrogate mother during pregnancy is sick. And Kim had
nervous, before the doctors told her that the child is not hurt…
Now, however, Kardashian is left to worry for very long — her daughter
soon will be born.

Kim Kardashian