For the son of Irena Ponaroshku is prepared separately in a kindergarten

Для сына Ирены Понарошку готовят отдельно в детском саду
The presenter was asked to feed 5-year-old Serafima only vegetarian food.

Irena Ponaroshku son Seraphim

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Five-year-old Irena Ponaroshku Seraphim went to the children
garden. Choosing the first educational institution for a child, TV presenter
approached with the utmost seriousness.

She chose a private kindergarten where there are a lot of different
developmental classes. While Seraphim gets used to his new environment and goes to
garden three times a week for half a day. “Once I left for the day — shared
star. — Seraph from the first day walks with pleasure, already dragged a bunch of DIY
and drawings”

I wonder what Irena had agreed that the child
will eat pure vegetarian food. But, unfortunately, that’s what
the requirement of the management of the kindergarten is not fulfilled. “The power originally stipulated vegetarian, I
filled gastronomic map of the child: it is possible that it is impossible, ” says
Fun. But on the third day he was fed chicken soup, just great
there chicken. Half of the plate Seraphim himself was suspicious and refused
go on eating. Probably just going to give away food containers…”

It is interesting that in the kindergarten the children speak mainly on
English and, according to the star mom, her son is annoying. “With them there
trying all the time to speak English that Fimka get a little crazy, ” says Irena.
But to the question: do you understand the teacher and nurses? He says: “I don’t
you know, when they’re talking to me, but you know when they are with me
play” And so the process goes. However, we were not
an end in itself, for us the main thing — the atmosphere, socialization and more.