27-летняя Полина Диброва переживает из-за целлюлита
The wife of a famous TV host brings your figure in perfect shape.

Photo: Instagram.com

Most recently, Polina Dibrova surprised his fans
candid photo shoot. 27-year-old mother of three children staged a shooting in
pool and fully demonstrated in a swimsuit
your perfect figure. But, according to the Pauline, her figure is not so perfect,
as shown in the pictures.

Dibrova still leads in shape. It is a lot
time to care for your body, doing
every day in the gym, watching your diet and visiting spas. Pauline shared that she starts her day with a glass of pure
the water then goes to the gym, and then makes a lymphatic drainage massage.

promotes the removal of excess interstitial fluid, restore water
balance and improve the elasticity of the fabric, — says Polina Dibrova. — And, Yes, even reduce toxins in the body.
Even cellulite and sagging. In General, I renew cucumber”.

Of course, fans admire the results of Polina. “Everyone would have to look after three generations!
There’s a good fellow!”, “She knows some secret!” “Incredible! Similar to
Scarlett Johansson!” they say.