For children, pitt does not want to disclose the dirt on Jolie

Ради детей Питт не хочет обнародовать компромат на Джоли
The actor still hopes to get joint custody.

Ради детей Питт не хочет обнародовать компромат на Джоли

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie

Photo: legion-media

Brad pitt, who is divorcing Angelina
Jolie decided not to use in their fight for children “prohibited weapon”. As
claimed by the informants of the website, brad for 12 years of my life with
Angelina has accumulated a lot of “dirt” on her. But brad doesn’t want to use it, for fear of further damage relationship with Jolie. After all, he
still hopes that he will still be able by peaceful means to achieve
joint custody of all biological and adopted children.

children pitt is ready for anything. After Jolie accused her husband that he
hit eldest son Maddox in a state of intoxication, brad voluntarily went to get tested
to identify the body of drugs and alcohol. He was without debate agreed to
a temporary agreement according to which within 30 days had a right to see
with the kids a couple of times, and only under the supervision of a physician psychologist. And although pitt,
according to his friends, pleads not guilty, he still did not
no public statements in his defense. Besides, brad didn’t even try to protest,
when I found out that Jolie experienced hires one lawyer after another — obviously with
a view to sue him for custody of the children.

here is a sample of pitt’s behavior was finally rewarded. As reported
the Internet portal, brad finally allowed to see
children. According to a source, pitt was quite happy, he held with
Maddox, Shiloh, Saharai, Paxom by Thien, Knox and Vivienne a long time. Where exactly the meeting took place was not reported. However, by assumption the reporter is likely to
Brad was allowed to see the kids in the house, where Angelina recently moved from the old sanctuary in Malibu. The mansion, which the actress decided to “hide” children at the time of the divorce
process, is located in the Western suburbs of Los Angeles, its rent is
Jolie is claimed 30 thousand dollars per month.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt with children

Photo: Legion-media