Первая жена Джигарханяна поставила на место Элину Мазур Tatiana Vlasova personally met with the former defender Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. Elina Mazur tried to redeem myself with a woman, but she strongly rejected her apology.
Первая жена Джигарханяна поставила на место Элину Мазур

Elina Mazur continues to reveal the evil plans Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. In the next release of the program “New Russian sensations” she personally met with the first wife of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Tatiana Vlasova. Ex-fiancee of actor was clearly not happy to visit once best friend’s rival. She openly spoke about the situation and his attitude to the guest.

“Do you think that it is enough to come to me to bring a cake and apologize? Someone can say that I’m angry. You then apologize, almost at the feet of fall, and I’m rude. But listen, who will give me back my nerves, sleepless nights, a broken shoulder? It lasted too long. And, honestly, I’m still afraid and Vitalinu, and you,” – said Vlasov.
Первая жена Джигарханяна поставила на место Элину Мазур

The ex-wife of the famous actor still lives in the apartment full of boxes. It is ready that in the house at any time declare the people who will be kicked out, because the percentage of. this property has been sold.

Mazur hurried again to comfort and Vlasov emphasized that this place is now under active fighting of lawyers Dzhigarkhanyan. According to Elina, Armen Borisovich do not intend to leave the former spouse without shelter and livelihood.

“Arthur Soghomonyan (representative Dzhigarkhanyan. – Ed) now carefully fighting for this property. The fact that Armen Borisovich especially stressed that he wants to leave you apartment. He regrets everything and ashamed of what were guilty before you,” – said Mazur.

Words nidanas guest surprised Tatiana Vlasova, but still it is not yet ready to forgive Elin. The ex-wife of Dzhigarkhanyan’s afraid that her trust once again will be deceived.

To prove the sincerity of their intentions, Elina Mazur decided to go to lawyers Dzhigarkhanyan. She handed him the documents that allegedly compromise Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. But lawyers have so far refused to disclose details of the conversation. Also the ex-girlfriend Vitalina visited the Investigative Committee.

Первая жена Джигарханяна поставила на место Элину Мазур
“I can only say that I am now 100% sure in the fraud scheme, which was sold the share in the apartment in the court of the stable lane. Here we are talking about clearly illegal activities,” said Elina in the final of the program “New Russian sensations”.

Fans Dzhigarkhanyan believe that the scandal goes to the finish line. They hope that soon the impeccable reputation of the famous actor will be restored.