The wife of Dmitry Tarasov again wearing a wedding dress

Супруга Дмитрия Тарасова снова надела свадебного платье Anastasia Kostenko is preparing for the Banquet. On the eve of the celebration of marriage, which will be held on January 29, the new wife of Dmitry Tarasov showed another wedding dress. Internet users are wondering whether it will be in this outfit at the festival, or choose another.

They met at a party of mutual friends in December 2016. He is a famous football player, she is a beautiful model. At that time 29, she is seven years less. A year later, after the meeting, on 10 January of this year, Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko got married. Dmitry and Anastasia got married in Kutuzovsky registry office in the presence of your dearest friends and relatives. A Grand Banquet decided to move to the end of the month due to professional workload Tarasov. As it became known “StarHit”, a big feast will be held tomorrow, January 29. On the eve of the new wife of Dmitry Tarasov Anastasia Kostenko posted a photo to Instagram. On the luxurious wedding dress and bride’s bouquet. Internet users are once again congratulated the young woman has an important event and expressed surprise, really Anastasia decided to show everyone what kind of dress will be here for the wedding? But the wife of Dmitry Kostenko dispelled the suspicion and said that it’s just an old photograph for a fashion magazine.

“This summer shooting for a magazine. He recently released. Not worry. I’ll be in a beautiful dress on an important event” – said Anastasia subscribers.

We will remind that Dmitry Tarasov at the time of the meeting with Anastasia has already twice divorced. In the first marriage with Oksana Osinkin the athlete’s daughter, angelina, the girl will soon be nine years old. Second marriage with Olga Buzova officially lasted four years and ended just in the winter of 2016.

But happiness, according to Dmitry, he found only Anastasia Kostenko, which is not similar to his ex-wives.

Anastasia, in turn, admitted that, despite all fears, she was convinced: he is her man.

“I told them, what gifts I can not buy. Most valuable – attention. Dima knows how to care: giving flowers, leads to the restaurants and cinema. In Moscow there lives my aunt, who always cautioned: “Be careful. In the capital men are spoiled”. I avoided contact with the representatives of the stronger sex, living with a sister. But Dima was different – caring and home. And when I saw his reverent attitude to the children, I realized – that’s my man!”- shared Kostenko in an interview with “StarHit”.

Tomorrow, the couple once again recognized each other in love in a festive atmosphere. In the Banquet hall, “Ritz-Carlton” will gather the relatives and friends of the couple, including rapper T-killah, blogger Amiran Sardarov, rapper ILO, the players, Olexiy and Anton Miranchuk.

The details of the wedding Tarasov and Kostenko

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