Первая любовь Юлии Высоцкой не может ее забыть “StarHit” tracked down a classmate of the actress. The man could remember all the meetings with Julia Vysotskaya in the period when he was in love her to death. Sergey Varfolomeev told what was the star of the screen in the school years, and why it was hard for him to bear the separation from her.

      Первая любовь Юлии Высоцкой не может ее забыть

      The film “Paradise” by Andrei Konchalovsky, which was included in the shortlist for the award “Oscar” starts in theaters on January 19. The main role in the film wife played by Julia Vysotskaya. The last fifteen years, the actress starred exclusively in films husband of the famous Director. And still finds time to write cookbooks and to broadcast on TV.

      In an interview with Julia admitted that comfortably lives in Tampa since childhood, and said: “my Dad was in the military, so my address – not a house or street, we did that moved. Lived in Yerevan, in Tbilisi and then in Baku. I seven schools changed!” For the longest time she studied in an international school No. 9 name Mammadova in Azerbaijan. It was there that the future star appeared first fans.

      Good girl

      In the late 80-ies of the stepfather of Julia Alexander was transferred from Armenia to Azerbaijan. Here the girl, accustomed to change, went to the fifth grade.

      “Julia’s father received an apartment in Baku in a military house and across the road was our school, the class teacher Vysotskaya Elsa Imanov. – I haven’t had time to see the future student with my own eyes as I approached the Secretary and said, “Oh, you are such a good girl will come! Intelligent, well-read”. And so it proved. Not to notice Julia was difficult. She already said that there will be an artist. Each year the pupils wrote an essay on the topic my future profession, and it always outputs the word “actress”. And when the Russian drama theatre in Baku was opened the creative Studio, she and her friend did not hesitate long and went there. I was aware of the case and the next day asked how it went. “You know, Elsa Yunusovna, all so long, was asked asked to sing, dance, and I almost go taken,” – said Julia frustration. To which I replied: “you just saw the ability. Rejoice!”
      Первая любовь Юлии Высоцкой не может ее забыть

      According to classmates, Vysotsky was horoshisty. Of the most loved literature. The girl eagerly poring over the classics, and then brilliantly retold them, standing at the blackboard. Thanks to Yulia Humanities and fell in love with her classmate Sergey Varfolomeev.


      Первая любовь Юлии Высоцкой не может ее забыть“I didn’t pay attention to Julia – says Sergey. – She was sitting at the first Desk near the window with Marina Kazakova. At first I liked another girl, and then, don’t even remember how it happened, fell in love with Julia on the ears. Beautiful, slim, with a kind smile and an incredible laugh. From morning to night just thinking about it. I hid my feelings, although now I understand that it was noticeable and everyone knew it… the few years that Julia spent together, remember how happy time of love, happiness and songs of group “Tender may”, “Chocolate”, “Electronic boy.” And Julia loved Volodya Presnyakov. The songs of all these artists we danced at school parties. I always asked her to slow dance, she refused. And I melted from Julia’s smile…

      …The song of the musician Andrei Bykov, “You just don’t know the sea,” we sang together. After one of the discos I walked Julia home. She said, “You’re not afraid to go with me?” Then there was a time when boys of a neighborhood could not just walk on the territory of another, and especially with the girls. We lived in different parts: Julia – in the second, and I was in the fifth. Of course, I said no. However, it felt like everything inside was shaking, I could beat at any moment. But love always won over fear and when I walked beneath her window, singing songs, and when I called on the phone to hear her voice.”

      Первая любовь Юлии Высоцкой не может ее забыть

      And in 1988, in Nagorno-Karabakh war began, which reached Baku. Many left town. Parents sent Julia on a month to her grandmother in Novocherkassk. For Sergei separation turned into torture.

      “I lost interest in school and started skipping lessons – continues Bartholomew. – First time parents about anything did not guess, but when found out, the truth is – I love Julia. But soon she returned, and I again cheered”.

      Teacher Elsa Yunusovna, who is now retired, still keeps the prom script, written by Julia Vysotskaya. “It was produced by the fun, says Elsa Imanov. – Picked music, determined the order, wrote it in verse form. There is a song: “Heart, you are restless,” and Julia had altered: “Elsa, you don’t want peace.” I was moved to tears.”

      After graduation, Popov went to Minsk and entered the acting Department of the Belarusian state Academy of arts.

      “I joined the military, like my stepfather Julia, – says Sergey Varfolomeev. – A couple of years after graduation we met our class walked around Baku. Julia also came. Once satisfied with the overall party. Julia reported that the evening flies away. I asked her to stay a little longer. “I’m sorry, but I can’t,” said Julia and kissed me.”