Евгения Феофилактова доверила сына Виктории Романец Anton Gusev staged a holiday with a new lover and child from the first marriage. Eugene Feofilaktova said that is absolutely not jealous nor her ex-husband, nor beloved heir to Victoria romanet. For her the most important thing – full communion little Daniel with my dad.

      In late December, Anton Gusev and Evgeny Feofilaktova divorced. They were able to negotiate peacefully for the education of their total young son Daniel. The boy was left to live with mom, but dad is free to spend time with the child. Anton Gusev about the ex-wife: “Jack is not created for the family”

      A few days ago, the new girlfriend of Anton Victoria romanet went on holiday in a hot country – the United Arab Emirates. And today Gusev joined his beloved. However, travel he decided together with his son. Apparently, Feofilaktova don’t mind that little Daniel will be looked after by another woman.

      “Had. It was something. My kid was helping my dad around today. Off. With God,” wrote Anton Gusev, being in the plane on the way to Dubai.

      Apparently, Daniel is liking the weather in a hot country. He enjoyed spending time outdoors, enjoying the sun, sea and plenty of fresh fruits.

      Now Anton Gusev turned off comments in the blog to their post, so the fans had to discuss the decision to release Eugene son with a new darling to rest in the social network Feofilaktova. Daniel’s mother said that is absolutely not jealous of her former husband to Victoria, and makes no sense to deprive his beloved child’s communication with the Pope. However, supporters of Eugene expressed the opinion that Gusev was not worth to take the kid on vacation with his new obsession.

      Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet announced their intention to get married

      “You know, Anton, how could you not broke, don’t need son, very dear, to see you sleeping in bed with another woman. Children’s psyche is very vulnerable. Learn to behave with dignity, as he is not in a hurry his most beloved son to acquaint with anyone!”, “Damn, I’m jealous for Anton to her. You know better, of course, but together you were more suited to each other, such a beautiful couple was. I’m so sorry, can’t imagine you with someone else. You are a very charming and tender”, “you are wise! Right that does not hinder the relationship of the son with the father! Despite the fact that he has another,” wrote a follower.

      However, Eugene does not see anything reprehensible in the fact that her son spends time in the company of a new bride’s father. She does not believe this will have a negative impact on his fragile psyche. A young woman asked fans not to return to discussion of this topic.

      “Girls, enough about them already. This is not important, what matters is that my Danielczyk passed successfully the rest. Madly miss my muffin,” wrote Eugene in response to criticism.

      Christmas vacation, Daniel spent with his mother. Together they went to rest on Cyprus, where he enjoyed the Sunny weather.