Мать из Зеленограда отчаянно борется за возвращение 10 приемных детей The story of Svetlana Del has excited the public. 10 Jan the guardianship was taken away from a family of 10 children. The reason for these actions was a bruise, which is found on the body of six-year-old foster child Serezha in kindergarten. The boy, who has down syndrome, said his father beat.

      Мать из Зеленограда отчаянно борется за возвращение 10 приемных детей

      About a week the public tries to understand the situation, characters who were the inhabitant of Zelenograd Svetlana Del and her ten children. The woman calls herself “the mother of 16 times.” According to some, eight children in the family are under the care of four adopted children, one blood. Adult heirs of Del live separately.

      10 January in one of the kindergartens where goes the son of woman, educators saw on his body a bruise. According to 6-year-old Seryozha, who was born with down syndrome and a disorder of attachment, he got a hematoma, because the father beat him with a belt. To quickly understand the situation, the staff of children’s institutions called the police and child protective services. According to some reports, the boy complained that his father was angry that he took the night without demand bread.

      Representatives of the relevant authorities decided that the urgent need to remove children from a family where going on such an outrage. In addition to the boy, the officers took nine kids.

      Мать из Зеленограда отчаянно борется за возвращение 10 приемных детей

      According to information leaked to the media, another reason for concern was that some children were HIV-infected. Lawyer Anna Michalova told exactly what happened. She represents Svetlana Del, which plans to sue the police and the NSPCC.

      “Two children were taken to the orphanage, eight — in the hospital, in accordance with the state of their health. Svetlana in complete shock from what happened, tried to convey to hospital drugs for therapy, which the children in their diagnoses had to be held daily, at 8 am and 8 PM. She immediately reported the guardianship authorities and the police about these diagnoses, and that children should be placed not just in the hospital and the hospital with specialized care. However, they were taken to a regular hospital, children’s hospital No. 21 them. Speransky in Moscow, where they are still,” – said Michelove.
      Мать из Зеленограда отчаянно борется за возвращение 10 приемных детей

      A number of sources began to figure out how to actually live the children. It is assumed that the education of a foster child with HIV infection Svetlana received payments from the state in three categories: maintenance allowance — 27 500 rubles, the disability pension is about 10 thousand and the remuneration to foster parents in the amount of 27 500 rubles each. These children she was eight. The total amount per month is more than 540 thousand roubles.

      According to some reports, boys and girls in the family, Del didn’t eat, wore clothes of the wrong size, and perform various household chores.

      “The children themselves complained that sleeping on the floor cold, from much the barrel. Kids are self-sealed the window and became a bit warmer,” said one social worker told reporters.
      Мать из Зеленограда отчаянно борется за возвращение 10 приемных детей

      However, friends of the family say otherwise. According to former colleagues of Svetlana, with whom she worked in one of medical institutions of St. Petersburg, all of them went well.

      “She had a big happy family, my husband had a great relationship. The children whom they have adopted — in my opinion she has four foster children. Colleagues doubt that something could go wrong because she was fine”, – said the press-Secretary of the Mariinsky hospital.

      Friends of Svetlana’s claim that the children were always clothed, shod and fed. Besides, according to friends of the family, they visited clubs and various sports clubs. In social networks on the pages of mothers of large families can be seen as she traveled with children and had them winter fun.

      Мать из Зеленограда отчаянно борется за возвращение 10 приемных детей

      Internet users staged a protest in support of #pomalidomide. Many participants will repost pictures of mothers of large families with happy sons and daughters. The action was joined by some representatives of show business.

      “Mothers of large families of 16 children Svetlana Del a few days ago, the guardianship authorities took 10 children because one of them teachers at the kindergarten found a bruise on my elbow and butt! People, OKS! My child, too, is covered in cuts and bruises! While we finger do not touch! Children with the police literally stole from the garden, with clubs and activities! Without the provision of documents, without explanation,” wrote Irena Ponaroshku.

      Vera Brezhnev said in a microblog that she was amazed by this story. “The only major, important and necessary thing for each of us from childhood is mom, family, love and support. Why and what now her children are deprived of it – is unknown. And this is just one of the stories. It is painful to see children and poor people. Can we do something to influence? Yes. In our power to contribute to the world. If you are surrounded by unhappy people – smile at him more often. That’s the minimum of what we can do,” said the singer.

      Мать из Зеленограда отчаянно борется за возвращение 10 приемных детей

      On one of the Internet portals started collecting signatures in support of the petition, which then must send Anna Kuznetsova, the Commissioner for the rights of the child in the Russian Federation.

      “We, concerned citizens of their country, believe that the appalling situation with the family Del provoked to discredit the institution of foster families,and ordinary. Violated the rights of children who suffered severe psychological trauma, but also threatened the health and lives of some children needing regular medication,” write the authors of the document.
      Мать из Зеленограда отчаянно борется за возвращение 10 приемных детей

      By the way, Kuznetsov explained why the authorities seized the children. “The child was discovered beatings, were the reasons for these actions care and the police,” he said.

      Svetlana herself is actively communicating with the media and keeps abreast of developments numerous subscribers to your account. Many are wondering why this story no information or reviews of her husband Michael.

      “My husband on the day of the event went to St. Petersburg for the funeral, it was a planned trip — his mom died. When he left, has not started this horror, we believed that everything turns out and children will return to us,” explained Del one of the local Newspapers.

      The woman in one day, has deprived 10 children, also noted that no one in their family was not hurt kids. She immediately tried to find out from the guardianship, which bruising caused them anxiety.

      “A number of media writes about bruises and some scratches on the neck. I showed care pictures on the phone and said that dad beat him with a belt. I saw the attention, the usual bruises on my hip and elbow. Which the child could get out in the garden. I asked a question of care, at the elbow it also was beaten with a belt? After a few days the bruises will be held, and to protect their positions, I’m sure you can write anything you want,” said Svetlana.
      Мать из Зеленограда отчаянно борется за возвращение 10 приемных детей

      Yet the public has divided into two camps. Some believe that family, sheltered 12 children, only created the appearance of a successful life in social networks, and in fact, children need even delicious food. From the point of view of such commentators in this story, the parents “pulled” the funds allocated to them by the state, for their needs. Other users believe that you need to support a woman because she is a heroine, because it gives the care and love kids that would grow up without parents.