First husband Elena Ksenofontova stood up for her in court

Первый муж Елены Ксенофонтовой заступился за нее в суде The actress admitted that she still had a great relationship with Igor Lipatov, whom she married at the age of 19. They still keep in touch, ex-husband even stood up for the star in conflict with Alexander of Red.
Первый муж Елены Ксенофонтовой заступился за нее в суде

Elena Ksenofontova continues to plead with her third husband Alexander Red because of the shared apartment. Recall that the chosen artist has also initiated criminal proceedings against her, accusing the woman in the violence. Recently, however, a law on decriminalization of a beating, so the production was suspended. In a recent interview Kira proshutinskaya in the program “Wife. Love story” star and theater actor admitted that in this difficult situation, supported her first husband, Igor Lipatov. With Elena Ksenofontova withdrew assault charges

“My first husband, he is blessed, we never fought. I even asked why he tolerates my antics. Igor and I are still in touch. I am very grateful for the support, it even came to court as a witness,” said the actress.

We will remind, Elena and Igor Lipatov divorced in the early 2000s, and the initiator of parting became one. She admitted that her husband tried to get her back, but at that moment, the actress has already started another novel. “When I had another, I could not tell her husband. I wrote a letter, put it on the keyboard and went,” continued Edward.

The actress was married three times, but the most cordial relationship is kept with the first lover. Now, when she faced difficulties, it needed the support of close friends and family. The woman says frankly that she wants to be happy, and to ensure that his son and daughter have a normal childhood. Ksenofontova trying to make 14-year-old Timothy and 6-year-old Sophia forgot her tears.

Meanwhile, the actress continues a legal battle with her third husband for an apartment, which he once gave her. Alexander Redhead has issued the deed, and then Elena sold their property and invested all the money in the renovation and purchase of furniture. It was also repeatedly recognized that a former husband beat her and kept in fear.

“He abused me mentally, as a woman, a human. After two and a half years after the birth of my daughter I realized that he hates me. I learned that he lives with another family. Then I moved to her daughter’s room. For this husband twisted my arm, threw on the floor. I was afraid that he would break my arm” – Frank says the star of the picture “Hotel Eleon”.

Despite all endured its share of trials, Elena remains optimistic. She’s still in demand in the profession and has two beloved children. Edward admitted that he had no regrets about past mistakes and actions. She promised never to raise the issue of domestic violence in their interviews.