Lake of tears: as families of children who died in Karelia

Озеро слез: как живут семьи детей, погибших в Карелии The court over the estate of his son, dead brother saved sister with cerebral palsy: “StarHit” know what’s happening with loved ones students, whose lives have taken a tragedy on the Syamozero.
Озеро слез: как живут семьи детей, погибших в Карелии

“Max, 13 years and Alevtina, 5 years” – Muscovite Svetlana Khodosevich on the Facebook page in the line “Information about children” is still the name of the son. Grief-stricken mother still can not believe that her boy is dead.

This tragedy shocked the entire country: 18 June last year, four of the 47 counselors and their students went camping on the raft and two canoes. Swim was planning on only about ten kilometers. But the storm came, the boat capsized. Someone managed to swim to the Islands and in the cold in wet clothes waiting rescue… One girl once on the ground, barefoot got to the nearest village and called for help. By the time many teenagers froze and was unconscious. Killed 14 children.

All relatives in shock from the outcome of the investigation. Of the six defendants in the case – former head of Rospotrebnadzor of the Republic of Karelia Anatoly Kovalenko, his Deputy Lyudmila Kotovich, Director of “the Park hotel “Syamozero” Elena Reshetova, coordinator of the camp Vadim Vinogradov, Valery Krupoderova instructors and Pavel Ilyin – behind bars was not one. Though all adults know that children should not be allowed to water, because in the Republic that day was declared a storm warning.

Paramedic local emergency Department Irina Shcherbakov accused of negligence: the day of the tragedy she received a call from Syamozero – a child’s voice asked for help, but the woman rudely interrupted him, accusing him of pampering, and hung up. The medic was sentenced to two years of correctional labor. However, the court’s decision will come into force in a few years when the children Irina Shcherbakova turns 14.

“Why she walks the earth, when none of our kromenaker did not live up to 14?” with tears in eyes asked parents. They appealed to the paramedic, the next trial will be held in the next two weeks.
Озеро слез: как живут семьи детей, погибших в Карелии


Common grief brought people together: this year on June 18 moms and dads will come together to pull the water of Syamozero wreaths in memory of the children. Almost all are still working psychologists trying to help get used to the pain. Deceased Zhenya Romanova was raised by his aunt and uncle, the boy lost his parents. After the death of the nephew of Valentina and Dmitry do not cease to do good deeds: host home gatherings in which relatives share their tips on how to get over the grief. And recently was taken to the cemetery one of the mothers: she broke her leg and was not able to go to check on her son.

Озеро слез: как живут семьи детей, погибших в Карелии

There are parents for whom tragedy has become a cause of scandal. Olga, mother of 12-year-old Seva, did not have time to move away from the loss of a child, as she had another trial: ex-husband Igor has applied for inheritance of the son – share the apartment.

“Olya simple Manager of a confectionery factory. And with what money she must pay him this amount? – says Natalia Stepanova, lawyer. – The living space it has acquired under the social mortgage on your money in a few years after the divorce with her husband. Under the terms of the loan, she was required to confer equity rights of ownership of children – Sowing and Junior Kostya. Igor did not invest a penny. Moreover, in the spring of last year, Olga has collected documents, to deprive him of parental rights.

Igor had long ago a new family. There was a time when he took sons once a month for the weekend, but the last year and a half before the death of the Showa ceased to communicate with his father. Told that, should he at least a little guilty – not time to fill the bed or refuse to eat soup, like dad is giving him a public spanking in front of the kids from the new wife. All claims waved away the Roadblocks, saying that it is a calling. After the son refused to meet him, Igor and insisted on the resumption of the communication. And Olga decided through the courts to deprive him of the opportunity to humiliate Sowing. But not in time…”
Озеро слез: как живут семьи детей, погибших в Карелии

After the tragedy Igor Barriers have made statements in the press that it is not necessary to punish a paramedic. “When I heard the other parents, they couldn’t believe my ears – continues Natalia. – But, having received a portion of glory, he has gone six months not interested in the life of the second son – Bones. Appear, only when came into force the law of inheritance. Olga tried to appeal to his conscience, saying that you’re recent years a penny extra not listed, only paid the child support in the amount of five thousand six hundred rubles for two children… Planting even in the camp had to send social voucher because Igor refused to add on the summer vacation! Moreover, he has gotten over the death of his son five hundred thousand rubles – this is compensation from the state… all of this Barrier said that he has a new family need the money. Soon we’ll meet him in court.”


Not waiting for help from her ex-husband and Victoria Balakirev, mother drowned Canopy. Alexander abandoned the family when was born the youngest, angelina, and the doctors gave the little girl a terrible diagnosis – cerebral palsy.

“Now the girl is eight years old, – says Natalya Stepanova. – After the death of his son Vic had fully devoted herself to raising angelina. It is official, the authorities managed to negotiate a 4-hour working day. Million rubles, paid by the state for the death of Canopy, Vick spent on the health of daughters – in swimming classes, hippotherapy, speech therapist consultations, also invited home massage therapist, carries a daughter in medical pensions, the sea…

This year angelina has become much better, doctors say that the girl was much closer in the development of healthy children. Despite the illness, she remembers the brother who helps her even from heaven.”