Лед и пламя: история любви Дмитрия Энтео и Марии Алехиной Activists once again attracted the attention. Dmitry Enteo and Maria Alyokhina, whose close relationship to a certain point seemed like something out of science fiction, protested against the blocking of Telegram, for which he went to trial. Even implacable enemies – the supporters of Alekhine and former colleagues Enteo – experience for lovers. “StarHit” he remembered, as did their romance.
Лед и пламя: история любви Дмитрия Энтео и Марии Алехиной

April 18, in the Meshchansky court of Moscow considered the case of the activists detained near the building of FSB on Lubyanka. Dissatisfied with blocking of Telegram messenger took to the streets to Express their protest, sending paper airplanes, reminiscent of the logo of the popular brainchild of Pavel Durov.

Among the detainees were 29-year-old ex-castiza scandalous group Pussy Riot, Maria Alekhina and 29-year-old former leader of the movement “God’s will” Dmitry Enteo (his real name – Larionov). They received 100 hours of work per share in the capital. But not all know that Dmitri and Maria are in a relationship… “StarHit” remembered history of this in all senses of the unusual pair.

Familiarity Alekhine and Enteo was held in October 2016 at the party the radio station “Echo of Moscow”, which traditionally gathers the most different audiences. Mary herself expressed a desire to get acquainted with the ideological enemy. By that time, the activist had already served a couple of years for the scandalous dancing in the Temple of Christ the Savior.

“I showed him, he said that “God’s will” with Lesya Ryabtseva worth it. I walked over and said, “hi, I’m Masha,” recalled then the young woman.
Лед и пламя: история любви Дмитрия Энтео и Марии Алехиной

After the party, an Orthodox activist who is against the promotion of abortion and modern art, suddenly continued talking to Mary. According to Alekhine, he began to write her message on Twitter, offered to see you again. And she went to meet Enteo. His decision Maria explained curiosity.

“Man created a movement that called to put me in jail. I wanted to understand why,” – said later Alekhine.

After a few months, Dmitry and Maria – together – went on a March in memory of murdered lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova. The organizers did not believe in the miraculous transformation Enteo and decided that it was a provocation. So Alekhine had to stand up for one another.

Apparently, the romance between adherents of completely opposite views spun fast enough. Behind Alekhine was the experience of a long-term relationship with the father of her son Philip.

Maria and Dmitry do not like to talk about my personal life.

“She is very interesting person, and this is a very interesting story. She even had me change something – this story. That’s how people can be higher than those representations, those labels that it pastes the society, the media,” vague Enteo said in an interview.
Лед и пламя: история любви Дмитрия Энтео и Марии Алехиной

Dmitry also adds that he is not interested to talk about the alleged affair. His relationship with Maria he described as very warm. “We have a good, interesting friendship,” explained the activist. From other details he chose to abstain. She Alekhine also avoids to talk openly about her feelings for Enteo and to call him my chosen one. Meanwhile, the Network even rumors that the couple was married, however, Dmitry strongly denied the veracity of such information.

Of course, no conflict in the relationship Alekhine and Enteo not do. Close friends disagree when it, for example, comes about Cyril Serebrennikov, who is accused of embezzlement of funds from the state budget. In may of last year Dmitry was supported by searches of the Director, stating that you need to check other famous theatres. Enteo came to “Gogol-center” with the poster “We demand to protect our culture against blasphemy and corruption.” Speaking to reporters, the man responded ambiguously on the activities of the government. “There is a solid pedophilia, it is impossible to perceive, he still did experiments against traditional values”, – said Dmitry.

Лед и пламя: история любви Дмитрия Энтео и Марии Алехиной

A completely different approach to Serebrennikov Maria Alekhine. Instead, she supported the Director after the scandal with the theft of millions from the budget. When Alekhine came about “Gogol-center” last spring, she spoke about the “performance” Enteo. Mary’s anger knew no bounds. The stories of my friends, she beat the plates to Express their emotions.

“I told her, what do you go crazy? But he did honestly, he thinks he is. What is surprising,” recalls a close friend of Mary Olga Shalina.
Лед и пламя: история любви Дмитрия Энтео и Марии Алехиной

There are other topics that Enteo and Alekhine prefer not to discuss. Some views of Dmitry really changed, but on some issues, his opinion remained the same. Once Mary’s patience snapped, and she decided to stop communicating with each other. To make amends, Dmitry made the young woman a touching gift for a birthday, a box with three ducklings who had been fattened for foie Gras. Dmitry and Maria called Pets of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. When they grew up, Enteo and Alekhine decided to release them into the wild, but the tragedy occurred.

“The brotherhood, the little duck, he broke his neck, we have a monument to Lermontov was buried. Others tried to produce, but to freedom difficult to get used to, they did not work. Had to take in the Smolensk woods, to the village near the monastery, one good Orthodox girl, to have a happy life. There fell ill and Freedom are gone, so only Equality,” said Dmitry to reporters in October last year.
Лед и пламя: история любви Дмитрия Энтео и Марии Алехиной

Due to close contact with Alekhine Enteo had to leave the organization “God’s will”. His place was taken by activist Lyudmila Esipenko. The woman said it was the solution she was given extremely difficult. Esipenko repeatedly made Enteo comments because of his relationship with Alekhine. The last straw was their scandalous action near the Ministry of justice. Dmitry and Maria were reading the Bible and smoked, and then went for a drive, singing the hits of the group “Tatu”.

“I never write that Dmitry Larionov is no longer the head of the movement “God’s will”, in my decision and the decision of the founding fathers of the movement, because of his love affair with Alekhine. (…) That I’m about four months waited and pondered his action for the removal of Dmitry as the head of “God’s will” is linked to the fact that we are with him godparents godparents of some children, and I know the real cause of his spiritual fall, which is not going to spread,” said Esipenko on social networks.

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Лед и пламя: история любви Дмитрия Энтео и Марии Алехиной