Сын первого советского миллионера прозябает в нищете Artem Tarasov has left a rich legacy. One of the most wealthy people of the Soviet Union was an only child. Now Philip is 28 years old, he wants to do business, and for this wants or to find the means of the father, or to sell the house.
Сын первого советского миллионера прозябает в нищете

Artem Tarasov was the first official millionaire in the Soviet Union. He led the cooperative, which appointed him a salary of three million rubles on the basis of profit. According to some, he honestly paid taxes, and because of its prosperity the state had no claim.

In the early 90s he moved to London, and then returned home. He was called one of the richest men – he said that he owns 205 billion. He determined that his welfare was provided the internal bond of the USSR.

He had three wives and the only son of Philip from Elena Dmitruk. However it became known later, the heir was left without a fabulous wealth of his father. Elena came to the Studio program “Let them talk”, to tell difficult life situation.

“I was in such a position that there was no money. The last time even a little in debt lived there,” said Elena.
Сын первого советского миллионера прозябает в нищете

She admitted that she and her son are left without money. However, it is not reproaches for this former lover, because he gave his son a good education. Philip was educated in England and Dubai.

When Artem went to England, he left the woman a wad of money that she could live. Moreover, sometimes called her friends Tarasova to transfer money. Elena and son stayed home, however, the repair was there in 89-90. They moved there after emigrating millionaire. The plot and the house is located in the elite cottage settlement.

Сын первого советского миллионера прозябает в нищете

Philip is now 28 years old. Young man would like to find dad’s money to do business. However, instead of starting to work and to provide himself and his mother, he wants to part with the property, who left their father.

“I’m going to become entrepreneurs, working in the field of art. The third year we want to sell the house,” said Philip.

However, the experts in the Studio explained that in fact not all house is owned by Elena and Philip. Artem Tarasov participated in elections from party “the Apple” – he sold his share to pay a fee.