Find out the truth about the divorce Timothy

Выяснилась правда о разводе Тимати

Recently in the Network appeared the fragment of the program “Let them talk” Andrei Malakhov, where the presenter announced that the rapper Timati and his wife divorce. Fans by this snippet of a talk show very surprised, because no wife of their idol and not of any divorce out of the question.

“What is this?” “That’s original. But the hero did not forget to invite?”, “Nonsense”, “I think women are confused”, “Timothy doesn’t even know that it discusses the whole country”, “It’s really funny or such transfer is left?”, “Well you just attacked a poor Malakhov, it is likely the new clip”, “Probably the namesake of Timothy and Malakhov decided to have some fun and promote tomorrow’s release,” the lost yesterday guessing fans of Timothy.

Today the situation cleared up.

Of course, such an important fact of his biography as the marriage of Timothy was not concealed from his followers. With Andrei Malakhov, the rapper caught the attention of the public to his new video for the song “Let me go”, which he recorded in a duet with Grigory Leps.

The plot of the movie — the parting with Timothy his wife. The couples divorce happens for all laws of the genre: here and the division of property, and the war for baby and even mother-in-law that wants to kill.

Directed a short musical film became Pavel Khudyakov.

In addition to the Timothy, Leps, Malakhova in the video there were also Nikolay Baskov, Artem Mikhalkov and others.