Fergie could not hold back tears, talking about the divorce

Ферджи не смогла сдержать слез, рассказывая о разводе
The singer has hinted that her marriage collapsed at the fault of the spouse.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel


Fergie still can’t accept the fact that she and actor Josh Duhamel – will officially cease to be spouses.
Talking about his divorce on a TV show Wendy Williams, the singer could not hold back

“I wanted to be a wife of Josh for the rest of my life. I love
Josh, not to mention the fact that he is the father of my child. Forever
remain parents to our son. So the idea of divorce came not from
me… Well, your questions make me cry… ” – wiping tears, admitted

as for the 44-year-old Josh Duhamel, he is a much calmer responds to
the situation, and, it seems, does not regret the decision. “Yes,
we decided to part ways as a couple. In truth, we had left some
a while ago, but didn’t report it because he wanted both to get used to the new
situation before the press will raise the noise around our divorce. But all sorts of
questions about my romantic relationship with Fergie has long seemed to me pretty wild. I thought she and I —
just old friends…” — said the actor.

Incidentally, fans of the singer were a lot
surprised by the comments of both parties. After all, thought that it was Fergie
decided to leave her husband, unable to bear his constant infidelities, including an affair with
a friend of his wife, actress Olivia Munn. But now it turns out that
the initiator of the divorce was exactly Duhamel! What exactly ybl dissatisfied, not yet reported.
Recall: a novel
Fergie and Josh began in 2007, when she was a soloist with The Black
Eyed Peas. In December 2007 they announced their engagement in January 2009
the wedding took place in Malibu. Their only son, Axel, for custody of which
spouses now have to fight, born
in August of 2012.