Nastasya Samburski caught in a love triangle

Настасья Самбурская попала в любовный треугольник
The actress played a treacherous and expensive mistress.

Настасья Самбурская попала в любовный треугольник

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: press service

In early November, on the channel “Home” starts
new episode, “Two
wife.” One of the main characters in the project was played by 30-year-old Nastassja
Samburski. The actress got the role of the cunning seductress, who for the sake of money
and a beautiful life ready to go at all.

The plot of the new project, we will focus on marital
pair. At first, the young people live modestly, dream about the imminent completion of
the family and a better future for themselves. Everything will change when a guy would save
rich man. In the end young people will receive luxury accommodations
the rich man and wealth. The once humble man will be a strong man
and his wife appears treacherous friend, who played Samburski. Than
the series will end is still unknown. In addition to Nastasia in the project will be
to see the acting of Elena Radevich, Ivan Zhidkova, who a week ago for the second time became a father.

But Samburski, unlike his on-screen
partner, not in a hurry to become a mother. According to
the popular actress, who earlier stated that they are ready to give birth or take
a foster child, she now decided with these plans to wait.
Nastasia — adept popular among young modern
women childfree policy (freedom of children). Star sure what to think about
the child can only be the case if there is a person can
to rely on in difficult minute and who is willing to take responsibility for
baby. Until such a person is next to no Samburski: at least it’s about it

Nastasya Samburski, Ivan Zhidkov, Elena Radevich

Photo: Press service