Ферги и Джош Дюамель могут и дальше остаться супругами

The California court sent the former soloist of “The Black Eyed Peas” fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel a warning that they will not breed if the celebrity does not submit the necessary documents to the court.

If fergie and Josh Duhamel will not submit the Declaration in the near future, and continue to remain married (and it’s two years later after a breakup). California court warned the stars that their divorce case may not be considered if they do not submit documents before the hearing scheduled for 16 October.

According to a letter sent by former lovers, they must submit the documents till October 16. Otherwise, “the court may dismiss their case for the delay.” If fergie and Josh will submit the necessary documents on time, they do not need to appear in court.

So far, neither fergie nor Josh Duhamel the situation to journalists not comment.

Recall, fergie has filed for divorce from Dunelm in may 2019. Interestingly, this happened almost two years after the official announcement about the breakup.

About the breakup the couple announced in September 2017. While fergie and Josh said that stopped the romance at the beginning of the year, but did not want to “wash dirty linen in public” and injure the unwanted questions from the press his little son, and myself. During this period, celebrities did not appear together in public, but exhibited photos in social networks, not to create rumours.

With love and respect we decided to leave at the beginning of this (2017 — ed.) years, they said. — To give our family the best opportunity to adapt, we wanted to keep it a secret before sharing with the public.

The main reason for the separation was considered to be different priorities in life: if singer wanted to tour and be in constant motion, the way, Josh wanted a more quiet and measured life.

Then fergie also added that they will always support each other and try to equal the number to pay attention to his son (from Duhamel and fergie have a 6-year-old son Excel — ed.). By the way, his couple was not going to share, not to injure the psyche of the child.

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Fergie admitted that they have a rule designed to prevent the son to feel deprived parents. It often helps spouses to be together and is son.

— We have a rule of two weeks. We agreed how to proceed. For some time he (Josh — ed.) goes on tour with me and looks after our son Excel, and then break. His work, and I already have him on set with Excel” admits the former soloist of the group “Black eyed peace”, — commented on the breakup the singer in 2017.

A year after the breakup, Josh said that continues to be friends and communicate well with his wife. Although it is in 2018, the actor started Dating the Mexican actress Eisai Gonzalez. However, their romance lasted only a few months.

— We have fergie had a great relationship. I love this girl, and I always will. Sorry, we can’t be together. But I’ll always be glad to meet her and she will always be the mother of my child, ‘ said Josh Duhamel in 2018.

Getting used to the life of a bachelor, Josh Duhamel even bought a new house in Los Angeles. He decided to furnish comfortable, without fussy details.

Note, fergie and Josh Duhamel began Dating in 2004. They met on the set of the TV series “Las Vegas”. Three years later fergie and Josh announced their engagement, and in 2009, the celebrity couple got married. In 2013, the singer and actor was born the son of Excel.

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