Fedor Smolov promised to shave my head in case of victory in the 2018 world Cup

Федор Смолов пообещал побриться наголо в случае победы на ЧМ-2018
Soon after the successful draw for the Russia striker admitted why have violated one of their ancient rituals.

Федор Смолов пообещал побриться наголо в случае победы на ЧМ-2018

Hungary. Budapest. June 5, 2017. Player of team Russia’s Fedor Smolov during the friendly football match between the national teams of Hungary and Russia

Photo: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS

1 December was held the draw for the final tournament of the world championship of 2018 which will pass in Russia from June 14 to July 15. Recall that, as the host country, team Russia are automatically put in the first basket and led the group A. the results of the draw in a group of our team got the national teams of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay. The result is good for us (according to most) the draw commented on Russia striker Fedor Smolov.

“With the group we were lucky, it’s true, — said Fedor. — Because we might get much stronger opponents and we would be much more difficult. But as practice shows, does not happen the walk-through and easy games at the world Cup, because there are countries in this world Cup, they will also be who have qualified for the world Cup for the first time in 28 years, so for many players this is the only opportunity to play in the world Cup for his entire career. Of course, they will try to do my best. Plus, of course, we will have the burden of responsibility due to the fact that we are playing at home.”

Smolov also told that most professional athletes have certain rituals that they try not to break. For example, some superstitious players consider that before game it is impossible to shave. So did Fyodor. “I had a ritual, but because of my partnership with Gillette from this ritual, I declined. Now I shave twice a week,” said the player.

Photo: courtesy of Gillette

Finally Fedor Smolov promised that if the Russian team wins the home world Championships, he will dramatically change the image — shave bald. “It’s possible. If it is feasible in principle, Yes, I’m ready 100%,” — said the footballer.