Pierce Brosnan will pay for the repairs to the neighbours

Пирс Броснан заплатит за ремонт соседям
The actor was brought to trial.

Pierce Brosnan


64-year-old pierce Brosnan, famous for its
performance as James bond, is not in the best mood. He received a summons to court. Except that it is very frustrating
on its own Bank account actor, in the end is likely “easier” on
a few million dollars.

With Brosnan I want to recover a large sum in order
any damage caused to his neighbors. This story happened two more
years ago. Then, on the territory, adjacent to the Pier house in Malibu, broke
the fire, which spread to the house of his neighbors, which was severely damaged in
fire. The fire was so strong that 20 firefighters called to the scene
accidents more than half an hour could not cope with the fire. As a result, from
Pierce homes is also left not too much.

However, fortunately, at least nobody
suffered in the fire. But the whole family Pier at that time was home — his 54-year-old wife Keely and
sons: a 20-year-old Paris and 16-year-old Dylan. Fortunately, they all managed to get
from the building while firefighters extinguished the fire, sat out in the car Pier,
which he was able to drive away from the house to a safe distance. After the fire
the cost of repairing the neighbors paid the insurance company. And now the company
turn requires cover their losses with Brosnan, who was voted
the cause of the incident.