Федор Добронравов отметил юбилей с Агутиным
Details of the celebration in honor of the 55th anniversary of the actor.

Федор Добронравов отметил юбилей с Агутиным

A trio, consisting of Victor and Theodore Dobronravova and Leonid Agutin

Photo: Facebook

The birthday of Fyodor Dobronravov was at the end of last
weeks, but he said its 55th anniversary with a small delay to to a holiday could make all the friends. Including Leonid Agutin, which again was among the
mentors on “the Voice” on channel one. The musician performed at a birthday party in
the trio, which included Fedor Dobronravov and his eldest son Victor.

Roman Madyanov and Fedor Dobronravov released beard for the filming of a new project

Photo: Facebook

The honoree was surprised by a new way, Fedor is released
beard. He did it for the film “once upon a time,” which not only
played a major role, but for the first time acted as the producer of the project. By the way,
Novel Madyanov, which Dobronravov was invited to the festival — the same
bushy beard, because the actor also plays in this picture. The plot is as follows:
two village the old man begin to fight for the heart of his widowed neighbor,
it played the role of Irina Rozanova.

Fedor got a lot of gifts, but the main
received from the older son even in the summer. In June, Viktor Dobronravov’s daughter
and now the star of the series “Matchmakers” have two grandchildren.