Упс! Сергея Шнурова требуют уволить с Первого канала

Treatment requirement to remove the flamboyant performer from the main channel of the country Konstantin Ernst has written to the Orthodox activists from Novosibirsk. And they appealed to the Prosecutor General and the Minister of interior, education and culture.

In General, is haunted by Orthodox Christian activists from Novosibirsk, the identity of the leader of group “Leningrad” and its repertoire. And his appearance on the main channel of the country and is shocked indifferent to questions of morality and ethics activists.

“We appeal to the head of the First Russian state channel one Konstantin Lvovich Ernst with a request to be more selective in the invitations of guests and employees on the main channel and not to forget that television should be a conductor of the state cultural policy”, – say they in your have already been sent around the office a written appeal.

However, the actual performances of the group “Leningrad” Novosibirsk public men consider the legalization of public profanity, promotion of Smoking and alcohol consumption.

“What once could have come under the influence of the company in a non-public place, now loud, blatantly and with impunity sounds on the big state concert venues in the country. Despite the warning of the public within three months after our treatment group “Leningrad” with impunity spent more than ten similar concerts in different regions of the country,” the indignant activists.

They not only August 2 the world court of Novosibirsk fined the organizer of tours of the singer on 40 thousand roubles. And before the his fined in Krasnoyarsk. To responsibility it is necessary to attract the very Shnurov, activists believe. And it is possible that will achieve the.

By the way, one of the initiators of the appeal made by the Novosibirsk social activist, Chairman of the Novosibirsk branch of the movement “people’s Cathedral” Yuri Zadoya. It is known that this summer because of differences in the Outlook across the court was placed in a psychiatric clinic own son. And earlier Yury Zadoya declared themselves victims of the activities of the infamous punk band Pussy Riot Nadezhda Tolokonnikova headed.

However, the Cord is still optimistic. Fresh appeal Novosibirsk activists, he has not yet commented on, but recently posted on his page in Instagram here is the statement: “From 2003 to 2006, “Leningrad” in Moscow for the General public did not play. After the ban of our performances in Moscow, looking back at the capital, began quietly to forbid us to play in other cities of our vast country. In Russia, in those years, each of iron sounded “WWW”, “Manager”, “Magic People”, music from “Boomer”, but our performances were rare and random… So the experience is not of performances at home we have. To forbid us to play here, of course, possible, but to play at all – there is no such instance. Private, private concerts in conditions of artificial scarcity naturally more expensive as demand increases. And most importantly – we know how to wait.”

So Sergey is ready to disgrace. Moreover, the letter “in all instances” do not write against him the first time. Suffice it to recall the spring treatment to the Prosecutor of the St. Petersburg veterans and survivors of siege, who believed that on the eve of the May 9 release of the video “Peter – to drink is a disgrace to the Petersburg and violates Russian law.

However, the Prosecutor’s office conducted inspection found no violations in the actions of the leader of the “Leningrad”. Actually, the Cord was acquitted on all counts.