Екатерина Волкова поздравила мужа с юбилеем
The actress made wife 30th birthday an unusual gift.

Ekaterina Volkova and Andrey Karpov

Photo: Instagram

Star of the TV series “Voroniny” Ekaterina Volkova gave her husband Andrew
Karpov on his 30th birthday gift, of which he had dreamed since childhood — a puppy
breed Akita inu. “Like rose’s husband. But still, happy
the puppy like a baby. He since the childhood dreamt of a dog. Now we choose the puppy
the nickname,” says the actress.

Catherine had to pick up the puppy from the kennel, though
only yesterday he returned to Moscow from Vladivostok. By the way, due to heavy flights, which is deprived of star power, it was unable to meet with
Antonio Banderacom, who is now in Moscow. Recall, the Hollywood actor arrived in Moscow,
to represent the exhibition and a new perfume, as well as participate
in a charity fundraiser Natalia Vodianova gala dinner “do as I Do!”

“It was three events: the opening of the photo exhibition
Antonio Banderas, the opening of the beauty salon and the premiere of the film “Snowden”. I am very
wanted to go not to miss these important events, but realized that I
destroyed a nine-hour flight. Permanent turbulence during the flight
turned me into a vegetable,” he complained Ekaterina Volkova.