Агата Муцениеце отказалась от грудного вскармливая
The actress is feeding five-month-old daughter formula.

Photo: Instagram.com

Agata muceniece one of the few Actresses in the domestic
a movie that openly says on various topics. And because it is
the mother of two children, the youngest daughter MIA star gave birth just five months ago, the main topic for the wife of Paul Priluchnogo is her kids. On
this time muceniece decided to talk with his fans about breastfeeding. Actress
admitted that breast-fed my daughter for a few months and refused
this in connection with big-time shots. Now its rescue is a children’s
a mix that suits the child perfectly.

“Undoubtedly the best food for baby is
mother’s milk. But, for example, my friend in France recommended
stop feeding the baby milk, they say it is not enough is necessary
substances, and daughter is only 8 months — says
Agatha. I still have to work, for example,
can’t feed the baby. And here came to the question about the choice of the mixture. Personally
for me, one of the most important factors when choosing food was that it does not contain
palm oil. And, of course, in composition it is largely close to breast
milk plus contains prebiotics and bifidobacteria. Baby tummy
almost not sick at all, which ensures healthy sleep, and therefore
happy toddler. Well, not counting the revivals at 6 in the morning”.

So Agatha advises
its subscribers that they picked up a mixture based on the advice of a pediatrician. “Girls,
of course, I say again that breastfeeding is the best nutrition for
child! — said the actress. — Always consult your pediatrician for
advice in the selection of the mixture, because this is not a joke!”