Страх и ненависть: Агурбаш, Федорова и Пынзарь заговорили о насилии After the flash mob #Anabolisant indifferent to the subject of male violence against fairer sex remained. Three famous women shared their opinions about this action. Angelica remembered her tragic story, Oksana Fedorova urged women to talk less about the personal all over the country, and Daria Pynzar said, what the story happened to her friend.

      Страх и ненависть: Агурбаш, Федорова и Пынзарь заговорили о насилии

      Flashmob #Anabolisant blew up the Internet last week. Women victims of violence told their stories online. Thousands of posts, likes and comments. Someone supported heroines, and who, on the contrary, criticized for excessive frankness. Oksana Fedorova, Angelica and Daria Pynzar said “StarHit” how personally hurt them this story. #Aboussafy: bitter memories of women about violence and condemnation in the Network

      Angelica: “I was saved by the fact that I tuckered out”

      “When I saw the online posts with the hashtag #Aboussafy, wanted to support the girls who decided to take this strong step to speak. They are real heroines that were able to act against the offenders. Those who have not been in a similar situation, don’t understand what it’s like. They don’t know what fear and pain, and, of course, does not reach them, what to open is a psychological trick, a way to “let go” of the situation. You need to do what’s comfortable to you: someone in the small unpleasant details lay out the Network, and someone will do everything delicately, like I did.

      In 2012 I divorced my husband, debunked just because of the violence. Our relationship could not last, because living with him was dangerous. I was silent for the family, kept, but make the regular bullying… One day he crossed the line. Now, several years later, I think that it was necessary not to leave it just like that – had to go to the police and take a beating, to put him behind bars for several years. In the end, when he started threatening me, trying to take my parental rights to the son of Anastas, was forced to act. Thinks of everything, after consulting with family, I made a neat intelligent statement to the press. This was a necessary step to save herself and the child. Of course, immediately fell comments of fans and haters. Most supported: “Angelica, soak it! He must answer for the crime!” And some, thank God, they are a minority, wrote: “Look at your appearance, but you asked for it certainly. First, pay attention to it, was upset, and then once at the airport, met Valery Meladze, and he advised: “Angelica, don’t read! The environment and punish not to climb on all sorts of forums. Did as he said, and from that moment on, follow this rule. I found it very hard to open, I knew that the plume will follow me all my life.”

      “If it expressed the whole truth, my family could stay print. So my advice is: dose the issued information, think not only about yourself but about those around you. After all your dirty linen will be discussed by the classmates of her daughter, my mother’s roommate at the cottage… take care of your family, be correct. After my statements close friends wouldn’t ask too many questions – we have decided just to support each other and not to pry. I tried to distract, to listen, not to burden with unnecessary worries. I’m a very strong person and was able for several years to get out of depression by yourself, but not everyone is like me. So women, don’t be afraid to go to a psychologist! It can save you”.
      Страх и ненависть: Агурбаш, Федорова и Пынзарь заговорили о насилии

      Oksana Fedorova Want to be miserable, tell everyone about your grief!”

      Don’t quite understand the appropriateness of this flash mob, – shares with “StarHit” the 38-year-old TV presenter. – Why talk about personal problems to the whole country? If you have trouble, go to Church or to the psychologist. I would in a similar situation, probably did. And writing terrible posts on the Internet that you were raped, why? On the other hand, the fact that the action was supported by many people, clear evidence that the existence of the problem. And this is a global evil! Reason to think not only about what the social environment is inadequate, poorly educated men can be very dangerous, but also about moral purity us women. We need to think about future family, about children… Parents should also pay attention to what he did and in that dressing their daughter. Why mom told the girls the rules of conduct, decorum, today you can wear, what not, what to place and what not. His awkward appearance young girls often provoke others men for aggressive actions. The consequences of such behavior tears laid out in the global network under the hashtag #Aboussafy. However, the social network has already become for many people a personal psychologist. And such open sessions of psychotherapy developed by them not only online but also in the leading Federal TV channels. Do I condemn these innovations. I’m just trying to rethink the words of his grandmother: “I Want to be miserable, tell everyone about your grief.”


      “In my youth I was reckless,” recalls 30-year-old ex-participant of the project “House-2” Daria. – Could my friends to get in the car to unknown guys, who offered a ride home at night after the disco. God spared me, I’ve never been molested. But according to the tag #Aboussafy I read a bunch of stories that began this way… you Know what share on the Internet, many condemn, but I think that it is good! When a celebrity or a common man talks about how 20 years ago she was raped, or tried to do it myself, in fact, easier does not. But a young girl, of course, such examples are extremely useful. For many celebrities – those are the people they look up to. And so if, God forbid, that girl disaster happens, she will remember that Lolita and Evelina Bledans, for example, did not hesitate to tell how I got in this situation. She goes to the police, I’ll write villain in a statement, it will be put. And the evil will be punished, to be silent in this case it is impossible!

      Happen to me like that, I wouldn’t hide it from his family, as if ashamed of me. Because they know – relatives supported me, reassured, took him to a psychologist. And was silent, I could become isolated and eventually become a man with an unhealthy psyche. Remember, the trouble happened with my friend Julia when we were 15 years old. She was returning from school, and in broad daylight at the entrance of her “clutching” a grown man. The pervert began to squeeze Julia, to climb under her clothes…

      Fortunately, someone came and scared him off, until the worst is not reached. But what happened was enough – Julia could not sleep, crying on my shoulder, ate poorly, lost a lot of weight… I was very scared for her – she herself will impose? This is to ensure that a disaster could happen not only with those who are on discos go, but with a schoolgirl returning from classes. The fact that many people think the raped girl herself to blame for what happened. This is wrong! And the campaign denies it, thereby helping victims to realize that they are nothing to execute”.

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