Дочь Пригожина поправилась на 20 килограммов из-за китайских таблеток Now 19-year-old Dana struggles to lose weight. After unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, she decided to take drugs. However, the pills did not bring the desired effect. On the contrary, the daughter of Joseph Prigogine began to gain weight.

      Дочь Пригожина поправилась на 20 килограммов из-за китайских таблеток

      Problems with excess weight at Prigoginei Danae has always been. Heredity and genes reasserted themselves. The girl tried many times to lose weight. Daughter of producer participated in the project “lose Weight with StarHit”, during which I lost about 10 pounds, but could not hold the weight. Then Dana went to drastic measures.

      “I started taking Chinese pills, – has shared with “StarHit” Prigogine. – I have failed in the body, and weight went up drastically. For several months I gained 20 pounds! I was hysterical. I even wanted to do liposuction, but daddy says”.

      However, the weight problems do not interfere with Prigoginei in life. She received her second higher education and in parallel works as a makeup artist. In may, the girl won the beauty contest “Miss Russia”. Victory claimed 24 participants. Among them was 19-year-old daughter of a famous producer Joseph Prigogine.

      Дочь Пригожина поправилась на 20 килограммов из-за китайских таблеток

      “I just told Dana that I would not attend the competition, – said the “StarHit” Joseph Prigozhin. Otherwise it would not be fair. I was not the daughter of any patronage. She passed the competitive selection, recorded the song – did it all by myself, without my support! And I am proud of her. I have all my children very much and always happy with their success”.

      The daughter of Joseph Prigogine about family conflict: “it’s Nobody’s fault that it happened”

      Danae was preparing for the beauty contest for the past two months. Entered the Studio and recorded a song, produced a business card, made the dress. The girl was not even stopped by an accident which happened to her a couple of weeks before finals.

      “I was hit by a cyclist – has shared with “StarHit” Prigogine. I fell, bashed her knees and broke the phone. Good thing daddy helped with the repair of the iPhone. And legs time to heal before the contest. But the bad feeling remained after the incident. People don’t even stop and apologize.”

      However, the girl managed to prepare and were worthy of the contest. Danae was able to win the hearts of the audience and the jury, which was composed of Natalia gyl’kina, Andrey Kovalev, Sergei Glushko, Bogdan Titomir and others.

      Recently, Prigogine studied law and now selects the car. Until the girl stopped at the BMW jeep.

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