Father Pavel Bure re-learning to speak after coma

Отец Павла Буре заново учится говорить после комы Vladimir V. gradually returning to normal life. About five months ago a well-known athlete and coach has faced serious health problems. Storm’s heart stopped for a few minutes. The doctors thought that the man will never be able to walk.
Отец Павла Буре заново учится говорить после комы

This summer, 66-year-old Vladimir Bure turned to one of the American clinics to undergo elective surgery. There is the famous athlete and coach had a stroke. Colleagues of Vladimir V. said that he is in serious condition.

Now the man is recovering and already he can speak, although speech is still not fully recovered. According to his wife Julia Storm, it will take at least a year. Recently, Vladimir V. gave his first interview after the incident.

Doctors fight for life of father Pavel Bure

“While it is very difficult to say. I can hardly formulate any words. (…) But rehabilitation is difficult,” he admitted.
Отец Павла Буре заново учится говорить после комы

The man told about how he had a stroke. According to Storm, it happened during surgery. Medical intervention lasted 12 hours instead of the planned six. At some point, have known of the athlete’s heart stopped for 16 minutes.

Отец Павла Буре заново учится говорить после комы“The doctors wanted to stop artificial respiration. Attempts to return life seemed pointless. According to the doctor, was just one second. And suddenly they saw the heart beating again,” said the man.

Vladimir Bure was in a coma for over a month. The chamber where lay the athlete provided equipment that supported his life. Close did not find a place from worries about the health of men. According to Vladimir Valerevich, the last thing he remembers, the days before surgery. This was followed by “darkness”.

Отец Павла Буре заново учится говорить после комы“After many days, when I started to understand everything, told me what happened. Wife wakes me up: “Volodya, you’re alive!” And I had nothing to say. Sore feet, hands. And I’ve seen nothing,” – said the coach.

According to his wife Storm, he was able to get himself out of sheer force of will. Relatives of the athlete prayed for his life. When the doctors saw that Vladimir Valeryevich can walk independently and could not believe my eyes. Many thought that the athlete will remain forever confined to a wheelchair.

At the moment, Vladimir Bure is in the process of rehabilitation. It often happens in the gym and swim for an hour a day.

“Re-learning to speak. Understand how to form words, to say the words. Like a small child. At first nothing could not say. Then cut through the English language. Now switched to Russian language. The brain after a stroke work is interesting and unpredictable,” added Bure.

However, Vladimir V. tries not to despair and hopes for the best. Bure hopes that one day he will return to coaching, writes the edition “Soviet sport”.