Congratulations to the British Queen Elizabeth II on the 70th anniversary of family life

Британцы поздравляют королеву Елизавету II с 70-летием семейной жизни Elizabeth II celebrates an important date. On the official website of the Buckingham Palace has rare footage of the couple. For many it is the reference. Fans around the world congratulate them.

70 years ago, on 20 November 1947, the heiress to the British throne was married to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten. At that time, daughter of king George VI was 21, and her chosen one 26.

Today on the official website of the Buckingham Palace has rare footage of the couple who not long ago made one of the photographers. Queen Elizabeth II posed in elegant cream dress with a brooch studded with precious stones of a red color. Her neck was adorned with a pearl buzy in three rows. The Duke of Edinburgh was dressed in a light grey jacket and blue pants. The followers admire the elegance of the couple.

During the marriage the couple had four children – Princess Anne, princes Charles, Andrew and Edward. Now the Royal couple with eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Very soon their family will have another heir – Kate Middleton will soon become the most the third time.

For many fans of the Union – the standard of family relationships. But their children were not able to maintain marriages – Prince Charles and Princess Anne played the wedding a second time. Pregnant Kate Middleton came out in a slinky evening dress

Today Queen Elizabeth and her husband are celebrating a remarkable date – the 70th anniversary of living together. Not just Brits, but people from all over the world congratulate a couple with such an important event.

“Very beautiful and elegant couple! Health and long years to you”, “Congratulations! A beautiful date! Beautiful bride and elegant bride!”, “Congratulations! Happy future life together!” – wrote in the microblog followers.

Residents of the UK are constantly monitoring the life of the monarch. At the beginning of the new year, she missed the traditional new year’s service, triggering strong concern.

“Today her Majesty is not present at the Sunday service in Sandringham. Until she feels ready to visit the Church because restored after suffering heavy colds,” this statement appeared on the official page.