Отец Линдси Лохан подтвердил беременность дочери

Businessman Michael Lohan said that his daughter Lindsay Lohan really pregnant fiancé, 23-year-old Russian businessman Yegor Tarabarova.

Publicly accusing her fiancé of Yegor Tarabarova treason, actress Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) also said that expecting a child. Lohan’s representative declined to comment for this reason. In an interview with Page Six TV Actresses father , Michael Lohan (Michael Lohan) said that her daughter just last week sent him a message with the news about the pregnancy.

Отец Линдси Лохан подтвердил беременность дочери

“I have no reason not to believe her,” he says. — I was a bit surprised, but that was to be expected. She is 30 years old. She wants children. She loves the kids. In the past she has had relationships with people who have had children, and she was close with them. She has a very developed maternal instinct.”

Michael Lohan also said that he is concerned about the current situation between Lindsay Lohan and her fiancé Greg Tarasovym that in the video, which published the tabloid The Sun, his daughter accuses the 23-year-old Russian businessman of domestic violence. “I want to talk to him, but he’s not answering calls and messages. It can deny what happened all he wants. We saw the video in the press and she told me what happened. This is a serious issue” — said the businessman promised that he would protect Lindsay from the evil tongues.

Actress Lindsay Lohan met with Yegor Tarasovym from the end of 2015. In April 2016 there were rumors about the engagement of the pair, but according to insiders, after the last quarrel Lohan broke off the engagement. Recently, Lohan posted on instagram a letter, which asked fans to forgive her for what she put my personal life. Her agent added that the actress hopes that her fiancé will hold a course in anger management.

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