Nadia Handle: “I got up in the night and sat down on a twine”

Надя Ручка: «Я поднималась ночью и садилась на шпагат»
The soloist of group “Brilliant” said her tortured and deprived of sleep.

Nadia Handle

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Its magnificent figure of Nadia owes much to the ballet. In three years
she first saw on TV the Bolshoi theatre — and literally
ill dance. “Since then, the cost to see the ballerina, I took the Mat and
diligently repeated her movement,” — recalls with a smile the soloist of group “Brilliant”. In five years, the mother took
daughter in ballet school, and there Nadia was engaged to 17 years. To do longer
allowed health: he started to have pains in the back, and the girl was forced to abandon
the career of a ballerina, which is so dreamed of. However, barely over intensive
training, began to appear weight. To get rid of them helped
neither starvation, nor Smoking, nor dubious means, like glass
diluted vinegar after dinner.

Later the body itself told her
what to do. “Professionals know that when coming to a stop,
sometimes I can’t even sleep what aches all over the body —
muscles need a load. I had night stand, Crouch,
to stretch for the splits. Only after that fell asleep,” — said
Hope. She continues to train three times a week is in
the fitness room, attend group exercise to music and Aqua aerobics. Effective remedies for weight loss it will also include bath and shiatsu massage.

And how actually need to eat, Nadia said
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