Отец обвиняемого в убийстве Думкина встретился с отцом жертвы

In the Studio of the TV show “Let them talk” on channel one going dad blogger Stanislav Damkina, who died last week, and the actor of the series “Interns”, the accused’s father. Eyewitnesses of the tragedy and parents of the participants gathered that would clarify the circumstances of the death.

Отец обвиняемого в убийстве Думкина встретился с отцом жертвы

Last week in the hospital after a fight in Gorky Park passed away blogger Stanislav Dumkin. The guy got in an argument with the Korney Makarov, the son of the actor of the series “Interns”. According to eyewitnesses, the actor’s son did not like the appearance of the blogger because of what he started the fight. Damkina was taken to the hospital, not regaining consciousness, she died at the age of 25 years. Until October 13, the person responsible is under investigation.

The accused’s father in the Studio said that about the tragedy I learned from friends who do not believe. In the end, the actor called the investigators, they invited him to appear in the plot and answer the questions which he did not. He thought he was playing a cruel joke, but soon turned to a lawyer. He advised to wait for the summons. Soon the son told the father what happened that day.

“A festival was there, and went home late. Was company, two times the fight was stopped. The instigator of the fight and I wanted another companion, whether one-on-one, who died there wanted to go. My son said that there you don’t have, will understand. It Stas hand by the throat to push him, using foul language, son pushed. Felt threatened, ammonul hand. Here’s what he said”, he told the audience Makarov.

Отец обвиняемого в убийстве Думкина встретился с отцом жертвы

After the story, the Studio invited a friend Dumkina, Anton. He said that the victim can fall from a little push back, after all, was engaged in bodybuilding. The roots were also involved in the martial arts, from which, and knowing that can bring injury to your shot. In the Studio showed a video from surveillance cameras where you can see the sparring guys.

The accused’s father apologized to the father of the victim as soon as he appeared from behind the scenes. He told what happened that day. “We broke down with my wife, she was out of town, and I’m a fan of “Zenit” watching the game. The father’s heart in the morning told me that something happened. But, unfortunately, when the son went to Moscow, I knew friends, but do not know the rooms did not climb in his life. Son always told where he is. When I called my mother-in-law and said that our son is in the hospital, we dropped everything and came to Moscow,” he told the audience male.

Sergei himself returned to the crime scene, where he spoke about the day reporters “Let them talk”. He said it was self-defense, because Dunkin grabbed him by the throat.

Each Dumkina Amal said that in the evening walked with the girls in the Park. “We were approached by three guys, drunk, they drank vodka with water, and took Stas hat with the words “Give, get”.

The accused admitted that he had consumed that day alcoholic beverages, but about the terrible consequences of the conflict did not know.