Стали известны новые подробности аварии, в которой погибла Принцесса Диана

August 31, 1997 accident in Paris, where he died Princess Diana. Immediately after the traffic accident, the car in which there was Princess Diana, the son of billionaire Dodi al-Fayed, driver Henri Paul and bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, a fire team come. One of the team, Xavier Hurmala, pulled the girl out of the car. She was lived and said the last words. In the 20th anniversary after the tragedy, the man decided to talk about suicide Diane.

Стали известны новые подробности аварии, в которой погибла Принцесса Диана

“The woman, later I learned that it was Princess Diana, was lying on the floor of the rear seats. She slightly moved and I understood that she was alive. I saw that she had minor injury on the right shoulder, but other than that, there was nothing significant. Blood not it was not at all,” recalls the details of Xavier Hurmala.

After the accident, Diana could still speak. The man held her hand and tried to support. He was glad that it was not necessary to use special equipment in order to get victims out of the car.

“I held her hand and told me to keep calm and not to move. She said, “Oh, my God, what happened?” I gave her some oxygen and we along with the team were together after she got out of the car. We all are trained in first aid, I saw that she had a cardiac arrest, and she stopped breathing. I gave her CPR and after a few seconds she began to breathe again. Of course, I was relieved, because working in the service of rapid response, you want to save lives, and I thought that’s exactly what I did,” said the man who tried to save her life.

Стали известны новые подробности аварии, в которой погибла Принцесса Диана

As told reporters, Hurmala, he did not know about heavy internal damage. Squad sincerely believed in the speedy recovery of the Princess. Despite the fact that 20 years have passed since the accident, he still remembers details of that terrible day.

“Honestly, I thought she was going to live. As far as I know, when Diana was in the ambulance, she was alive and I was hoping that she will survive. But later I learned that she died in the hospital,” says Hurmala.

The real cause of the accident is still unknown. Some argue that the driver was drunk and exceeded the permissible rules of speed. But others believe that the accident could have been a setup. There is a version that the fault of the reporters who chased Diana’s car on scooters. One of them caused the accident, and the driver could not cope with the management.