Располневший Мэттью Перри ошеломил публику внешним видом The man hardly recognize fans. Matthew Perry has been putting on weight. Some associate such changes with addiction to alcohol and other fans point out that for 47 years it looks quite decent.
Располневший Мэттью Перри ошеломил публику внешним видом

Actor Matthew Perry became famous throughout the world for his role of Chandler Bing in the sensational TV series “Friends”. This character has brought the artist popularity. Also the man starred in several memorable films, including, appeared in the film “17 again”, where he played one of key characters.

Now, however, fans of the 47-year-old actor noted that he has changed a lot recently – and noticeably stout. Recently, Matthew has appeared on the celebration of U.S. independence Day the fourth of July. The artist decided to spend it watching the movie “Jurassic Park,” which showed under the open sky. Photographers captured Perry, nestled on the pillows and wrapped the blanket.

Some fans can’t understand what happened to the actor who always tried to keep in shape. They advised him to spend more time in the gym to return to their previous weight. Moreover, it has been assumed that such changes have occurred due to excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Many remember that the actor was treated for addiction at a time when he starred in the TV series “Friends”. However, not everyone was surprised, fat Matthew and found that he looks good for 47 years.

A couple of years ago Matthew Perry is attributed even affair with Courteney Cox – on the scenario between their characters broke out a passionate affair that seemed perfect to the audience. Apparently, fans mnogoseriyki hoped that love spilled over into real life. In the Network there was even a photograph of a celebrity sitting across from each other. Fans immediately began to discuss this picture and came to the conclusion that the artists seem in love. “Matthew looks at Courtney the same way as Chandler looks at Monica, and I don’t know what to think” – wrote the world wide web users. However, the joy of the fans was short-lived. Journalists reported that the frame was made in 2005.

Fans of the cult TV series “Friends”, which aired from 1994 to 2004, still hoping that perhaps the creators of the sitcom decides to make a sequel.