Отличника, оставшегося без аттестата, бойкотируют учителя The graduate of school No. 16 in the village Il’sky refused to issue a diploma because of a debt of 600 rubles for meals. Later, Dima is still handed the document, but now, the homeroom teacher refuses to communicate with him. The ninth-the current situation is very frustrating.
Отличника, оставшегося без аттестата, бойкотируют учителя

Dima Senchenko was the real star of the issue, considered one of the top students in the ninth grade. The boy was preparing to say a solemn speech, during the awarding of the certificate, but couldn’t do it because suddenly discovered the debt. Homeroom teacher Marina Vyacheslavovna refused to give the child a diploma, which aroused the indignation of his parents.

“We are nine years regularly paid for food each month, and then suddenly I get a call the day before graduation and say that Dima owes a debt of 600 rubles. Marina Vyacheslavovna warned that if we didn’t pay, he will receive a certificate,” – says the boy’s mother, Elena Buchelnikov.
Отличника, оставшегося без аттестата, бойкотируют учителя

The woman emphasizes that immediately after receiving the news rushed to the Bank to pay the debt. However, the money did not reach in time, so her son at a ceremony the document was not received. The boy was a leading prom, but his name from the scene not heard.

A little later, Dima finally got the document, but only upon presentation of receipts. The situation has angered residents of the village of Il’sky in Krasnodar region. Acquaintances and friends the boy was defending him. He Senchenko admits that because of this whole money with him stopped speaking homeroom teacher.

“It’s a shame that it happened. The child always had a good relationship with the teachers, he never let anyone upset, and now this,” says the boy’s mother, Elena Buchelnikov.

The Director of the school №16 Natalia Rybina said that the conflict has long been exhausted, and the situation with the debt occurred due to basic carelessness of the teacher. She noted that a diploma was postponed due to the fact that Dima was absent filled sheet bypass. When the mistake was spotted, the child is immediately handed a certificate. According to the Director, all teachers to Senchenko treated with warmth and no bias against him there. However, the resonance precedent has already attracted interest from the Federal channels: recently, the family of a graduate received an invitation to participate in a famous TV program.

After the scandalous story of Dima decided not to go to tenth grade. Now the boy plans to attend the Seversky College culture. He has achieved great success in the composition of the Troops of the drama club, therefore, wishes to develop acting talent. “When I live looked at the game Boris Nevzorov we have in Ilsky, very, too, wanted to become an artist. However, the parents laughed. They think that my decision will change, so I want to make sure I got a working specialty,” – said Senchenko in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.