Ольга Ветер показала мужчину, из-за которого распался ее брак The former wife of Gleb Zhemchugova was briefly one after the divorce. Now she meets a driving instructor Eugene Guzenko. According to the man, he met Olga before she officially became free.

Olga Veter divorced with Gleb by Zhemchugova in early January 2017, but has already managed to find a new love. Recently, the choice of a young woman, Eugene Guzenko confirmed their romance. According to the man, his relationship with the former participant of the show “Dom-2” continue for about six months.

About the young man the press is practically unknown. Olga the Wind met with the current chosen one while training in a driving school. Guzenko was her instructor, but the relationship did not begin immediately. At first, the young woman kept her distance, but gradually its interaction with Eugene went beyond friendship.

“Until I went to driving school Zhenya almost no contact, because at that time I was still married. But after leaving the project, he was actively courting me, and we almost immediately began to live together. Jack won me over with her care and to my Misha,” – says Olga herself.

Fans of Olga came to the conclusion that her new novel would cause rupture and Zhemchugova. At the time, Hleb admitted that their divorce was largely due to the fact that the Wind has no feelings for him.

Unlike his ex-wife Pearl is in no hurry to start a new serious relationship. The man credited with regular novels, but he acknowledges that focused on career. Now the former participant “Houses-2” conducts corporate events, performing as a singer.

All the free time Hleb pays to communicate with the heir. He has repeatedly said that he would do everything for the welfare of the son. In the interests of the two year old Misha’s star parents have kept friendly relations. In Instagram a caring father appears regularly in photos of the baby, which he is accompanied by heartwarming captions.

Olga is clearly determined in relation to the beloved. She recently visited the home of the elect, in Krasnodar. There the Wind became acquainted with the young man’s mother, and managed to relax by the sea. According to star, she managed to quickly find a common language with relatives of the beloved.

Eugene often shares photos with Olga in his Instagram. In an interview with “House-2” Eugene admits that he managed to make friends with the son of the chosen one, and now they often spend time together.

“I don’t pretend to be the father of Misha, but in the side do not stay. Trying to help his girlfriend in the matters of education, supported financially. Hleb regularly visits son, no conflicts have no” – continues to tell Guzenko.