Неделя моды в Париже: сестры Хадид и Карли Клосс на показе Off-White осень-зима 2019/2020

Bella Hadid

One of the shows, the final date for the fashion Week in Paris, was Off-White, and Virgil, Able again was than to surprise the audience. Without the cost surprises, except that the casting appeared on the podium of the favorite fashion designer: Bella and Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss.

It should be noted that a couple of hours before the show Bella Hadid has complained in stories on temperature, but the catwalk model has stood steadfastly, never giving to understand that feeling.


She got one of the most striking images of the entire collection. For the new season, Abla decided to play with futurism and optical illusions, adding to the framing of the new fashion pattern thin neon lines and sporty details — the elements to which the designer has long nourishes sympathy.

In comparison with the previous collection of neon, of course, was a less — fluorescent green (reminiscent, incidentally, of the iconic color of “Matrix” (The Matrix) is now used in decorative doses, to shade pure black.


Interesting accessories are fur large shoes and quilted handbags. And the theme of optical illusions revealed not only that the colors of the floor was identical to the main pattern of the collection, but in interesting combinations, black and white patterns of different size in one thing — it looked like certain areas have put a magnifying glass.

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