Неделя высокой моды в Париже: показ Balmain сезона весна/лето-2019

The Show Balmain

The right to close the third day of Haute couture Week in Paris got Olivier Rustina, and showing the spring-summer collection from Balmain is one of the most anticipated in the entire schedule. Brand with a long history, back in the world of couture (Balmain did not participate in the Weeks of high fashion since 2002), but he Rusten debut at the prestigious fashion show as creative Director of Balmain.

To conquer couture Rusten decided futurism, at the same time, it seems, has reviewed all of the fashion archives and took a little from different brands, inspired by a variety of images that the catwalks of Paris had already seen. In the collection there are easy theatricality in the style of Gautier, and voluminous silhouettes in the style of Valentino, and glasses, which caught and Maison Margiela.

The show staged in the new Balmain boutique, which will open in two weeks.


Preparations for the show were given Rustinu difficult, as he himself admitted in an interview with Vogue.

I’m a little stressed. It reminds me of the time when I created the costumes for the ballet, and saw what he was doing Carl Lagerfeld, Christian Lacroix, and thought: “Oh my God, now it’s my turn”,

— said Olivier.

Separately in the collection, the designer emphasized and re-branding — new logo Balmain adorned on the bags, and massive bracelets.

The word bet on futurism by chance — the designer is able to create commercial things, but sewing just what exactly can be carried in reality, I think he is a bit bored, and returning to Balmain couture is a great opportunity for self-development.

In fashion there is this obsession with what is real, what you see on the street. But in this pursuit can become so “real” that you will lose the dream

noted Rusten.

Неделя высокой моды в Париже: показ Balmain сезона весна/лето-2019 Olivier Rusten

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