Неделя моды в Милане: Белла Хадид на показе Philosophy di Lorenzo сезона осень-зима 2019/2020

Bella Hadid

Fashion week in Milan is in full swing and we have a story about another new collection — Saturday evening the audience waited for the show from Philisophy di Lorenzo. Well, the workaholic of the day is Bella Hadid, who appeared again on the catwalk, barely having time to take a breath after the fashion show Roberto Cavalli, and then went to Missoni.

Participated in the fashion show and model Edie Campbell, who yesterday confessed to his Instagram that one fashion brand (name model, however, withheld) described it as “too big to open the show.”

His collection of designer Lorenzo Serafini dedicated to the 90th that the phenomenon itself is not unique — the era of the supermodels today inspires many, and nostalgia and the reinvention of the iconic things made not only Versace.

We are talking about my memories of the time when I fell in love with this profession, looking at such extraordinary girls like Kate moss and Christy Turlington…. It was a very pleasant time… the Era before Instagram, when all the girls were more spontaneous and not so looped on the effect they want to produce,

— shared the designer thought.


However, with yesterday’s show of Donatella Versace a collection of Philosophy di Lorenzo are United not only by a sense of nostalgia, but also a very specific stylistic decision, for example, a combination of wool and lace.

The collection amounted to mini-skirts, satin dresses streamie underwear style and tuxedos, which were balanced by the deliberate sexual androgyny.


There were, of course, and without sparkles — glitter added not only to the clothes (a silver jumpsuit was clearly a highlight of the collection) and shoes — in red shiny boots appeared on the podium Bella Hadid, which opened the show.

For a new romance — and it so presents itself brand — responsible layers of ruffles, which were embellished tops one shoulder tops and bias-cut dresses.

Неделя моды в Милане: Белла Хадид на показе Philosophy di Lorenzo сезона осень-зима 2019/2020 Lorenzo Serafini models

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