Неделя моды в Лондоне: street style

Fashion week in London came to an end, but the marathon show spring-summer collections does not end. While we wait for the first shows in Milan, we invite you to admire the street “catwalk” in the UK capital. London is famous for its fashion — street style photographers who have to shoot not only during fashion Week, but in any ordinary day. In the country that gave us mods and punks, problems with self-expression has never been.

But since pretty outrageous images we have admired in new York, proposed in the British capital to find ideas for a wardrobe for the current season. In fact, besides the different subcultures, the British gave us and, the main attribute the fall of the image — trench. First, a chemist named Mackintosh invented a waterproof composition, and accidentally stain them the cloak, he realized that his discovery could serve not only science, but also fashion. And then the Draper Thomas Burberry invented gabardine invented a new model of the coat that first caught the fancy of the military, and after the First world war are gone, and the people — remnants of uniforms, the entrepreneur sold the civil. Today, the Burberry trench is one of the main mast-havov the mods.

On the streets of London you can see the different variations of classical models: from the bright neon this fall, we just can not get away. Fashion bloggers are boldly wearing bright pink coats and green coats. Well, if you like a more relaxed red-white spectrum of the autumn forest, you can always make the image more interesting, adding notable accessories. Lovers of sports style can choose a bomber jacket, like Alexa Chung, which debuted at this fashion Week as a designer, and, of course, is to look at the quality knit — at the time of the Indian summer cosy sweater or hoodie we will replace outerwear.