Модный провал: поклонники высмеяли шляпку Миддлтон

It seems that the Duchess wanted to look stately and dignified manner befitting the occasion, but fans of Kate do not appreciate it.

The number of references on the Internet to compete with Kate Middleton may perhaps scandalous Kim Kardashian.

Usually, fans admire the style sense of the Duchess. Or rather, her ability to combine luxury brands with quite affordable. But not this time!

Outfit of the Duchess at the garden party in Hillsborough castle has caused a flurry of disapproval.

For the reception, arranged by the first Minister of Ireland, Arlene foster, the Duchess gave preference to the beloved coat Day Birger et Mikkelsen, which added a new hat Lock & Co. However, the new thing Kate is not appreciated. Furthermore, fans thought that the hair and hat did Kate at least 10 years older

“Hat and hairstyle Kate had aged ten years”, “These hats are not her face,” discussing the release of the Royal couple Internet users.

In addition, the eyes disappeared and the excessive thinness of the Duchess… Some even decided that Middleton really is suffering from anorexia.

The adds fuel to the fire and the fact that a few days ago, Kate appeared in public in tight dress wife of Prince William looked like a skeleton.

Although it is possible that the reason is not in the eating disorder. Perhaps the reason for the thinness Kate lies in her way of life: the Duchess has two children and is in constant motion. As you know, she tries not to resort once again to the help of nannies.

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